The Hands that Move the World

Valenar VI: Liftoff

Zarantyr 4, 1000 YK

The unexpected new arrival is Conlon, returning from a wild goose chase Eltimar has sent him on to search for his brother, Dralon. At the unsuccessful conclusion to his search, Conlon was delivered back to the party with the future promise of his own dragon. He is permitted a draw from the Traveller’s Deck, and accepts it, drawing the Jack of Spades, resulting in a mutation. Unexpectedly, this works in his favour, granting him a retractable set of venomous fangs. The Eclipse Collective then leaves Taer Lian Doresh for the south, heading in the direction of the town of Cliffscrape.

Zarantyr 12, 1000 YK

Around Cliffscrape, High King Vadallia becomes lucid once again, and they administer the medicine the Shrouded Sages gave them. He parts ways with them, contacting the Kel Gryfaen (Valenar griffon riders) to take him home, while the party seeks out the treasure in Derli’s map, located at the southern tip of the Hoarfrost Mountains. They purchase horses for the trip and set out west.

On the way to Cliffscrape, Derli’s Mind Seed is alleviated with the help of Conlon, and finally removed by a House Jorasco healer in the town itself.

Zarantyr 13, 1000 YK

The party realizes they are being followed, and intercept their pursuer. She is an agent of House Medani, who claims to have been hired by Blaurath d’Kundarak to track down Derli and make contact with her employer when Derli entered the Mror Holds. The party threatens her into lying about Derli escaping, and send her on her way.

Zarantyr 14, 1000 YK

A cliff stands between the Eclipse Collective and the location marked on the map. As they climb, they are attacked by a band of Jhorash’tar orcs. After fighting them off, the party continues on to find a crater, at the center of which is an oblong stone structure. Investigation of the structure reveals it to be a large stone airship, apparently an invention of the Sulatar drow. It appears to have crashed her and been subsequently raided by the Jhorash’tar. Most of the cargo is gone, excluding magical bronzemail worn by the deceased captain, and a Sulatar “fire-sled,” a two-man aircraft. The ship is not flyable, however, as the greater elemental needed for flight is gone. Intending to see the ship repaired, Zil’dejin and Derli take the fire-sled back in the direction of Cliffscrape to bring back a member of House Lyrandar.

Zarantyr 15, 1000 YK

A gnome binder in the employ House Lyrandar, Figwith, is paid a hefty sum to bind a new elemental to the ship. Meanwhile, Conlon cleans out the deceased orcs and drow from the ship, and engraves a new name into the side – the Phoenix Eclipse – in the process discovering the ship has the ability to pass through Fernia, the Sea of Fire. When the ship has been repaired they spend some time figuring out how to pilot it, return Figwith to Cliffscrape, and take to the skies.

Zarantyr 18, 1000 YK

The party first lands just on the border of the Mournland, and Conlon and Zil’dejin use the fire-sled to fly in and retrieve Rumham from outside Shaelas Tiraleth. The rime hound is loaded into the cargo hold and the party leaves for Taer Valaestas.

Zarantyr 19, 1000 YK

The party docks in Taer Valaestas at the Lyrandar airship tower. Here, Vadallia promises them cavalry and air support, saying he is impressed by their combat prowess and informs them he is no longer dreaming. They then speak with shyrrala-d-lyrandar, his viceroy, and offer to forget about establishing competitive trade contracts in exchange for a crew for their airship. They receive ten men, led by Keldan d’Lyrandar.

Zarantyr 22, 1000 YK

Flying into Wroat, the party commissions House Cannith for some additional repairs and upgrades to the Phoenix Eclipse. They visit Darin d’Lyrandar and receive the profits from the SKTC, and Conlon decides to invest in the company by purchasing a Greatship, named the Leviathan, which features a number of magical upgrades.

Then, they return to the Eclipse Keep. Nimozaran informs them of internal conflict in the Mror Holds (first suggested by the House Medani agent) and lack of anything interesting in Q’barra. Conlon speaks with the Keep’s prisoner, which is none other than Dralon Ostrennar. Dralon says he has come to find Conlon as there is trouble brewing back home in Dragon’s Reach: a mysterious entity calling himself the Son of Caiphon, claiming to be affiliated with the stars, who is rapidly taking over territory. Conlon says he will consider helping and leaves the prison. Zil’dejin quietly mentions to a Titan’s Aegis guard as they exit to ensure Dralon’s comfort.

Conlon receives some additional ritual training from his mentor, Nimozaran, and the rest of the party relaxes for a short while.

Experience Gained: 6000 (2800 for quest completion, 2200 from Skill Challenge/pseudo-combat)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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