The Hands that Move the World

Valenar V: Taer Lian Doresh

Zarantyr 4, 1000 YK

Awakening in Drokkroth’s lair, the party frees High King Vadallia from the crystal, but he remains unconscious. They leave the arena to find that the feyspire, Taer Lian Doresh, is seemingly still in active use. They are approached by a gnome, Marrot the Fool, who says he is the “chief entertainer” of the feyspire. Marrot offers to show them the way out if they first view a performance put on by his harlequinade. The party agrees, but asks that the High King be tended to while they watch the play.

Marrot leads them to a neutral area of the feyspire, the Night’s Refuge, filled with sad-looking individuals of all stripes. They pass both physical people and the spirits of dreamers on the way. In Night’s Refuge, a group of hooded people called the Shrouded Sages tends to the High King by physically rearranging his organs while the play goes on: the Tragedy of Queen Donna, a tale eerily similar to the Eclipse Collective’s adventures in the Mournland, though told from a highly biased perspective. In the meantime, Xulgos chooses the “sure thing” from his gift from Talbot, which turns out to be a powerful magic crossbow. Surprisingly, the other object does not vanish at this point. Afterwards, the party shares a drink with Marrot (though he refuses to partake), the Shrouded Sages give them a vial to administer to Vadallia when he awakes, and they follow the Fool into a set of tunnels beneath the feyspire.

The party ends up in a dead-end grotto where they are attacked by Marrot and some of his lackeys. The gnome claims to be “acting out a part” given to him by somebody who wants the party dead. The party defeats him and the others, despite poison Marrot put in their drinks, and spare one gnome to guide them back out. As they are about to leave Night’s Refuge, they are stopped again, this time by Taer Lian Doresh’s enforcer, Sidgevin. He says he has also been asked to kill the party, but he and his archer companion Evessa prefer duels to open combat. The party consents to a duel, and they exit to the Feyspire’s courtyard, where a dueling circle is laid out. Sidgevin duels Derli, and Derli defeats him. Xulgos fights Evessa and nearly kills her, but is taken down instead. At this point, Zil’dejin and Derli intervene, slaying her, and restoring Xulgos to health. They take the possessions of the eladrin and then go towards the gate.

At the gate, they are met by the one who ordered their death: Amdrashar, who appears as a woman with a human-shaped creature made entirely of spectral tendrils bound to her chest. This is a hashalaq quori, one of the judges of their kind, and the only such creature in Taer Lian Doresh. She knows they have the Rod of Order, and desires it for herself. The party refuses to give it over, despite her many offers in exchange, and she is killed (along with her shardmind escort).

After Amdrashar’s death, Xulgos opens the deck he received from Talbot in Grandir’s dream, and everyone draws a card.

  • Xulgos draws the Joker, with mysterious effects
  • Zil’dejin draws the King of Clubs, which destroys his armor
  • Derli draws the Jack of Diamonds, which delivers a map into his hands to a location in the south of the Mror Holds

Once everyone has drawn, the card indicates there is one more draw available: somebody approaching nearby…

Experience Gained: 9200 (all from the three combats in this session)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys



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