The Hands that Move the World

Valenar III: Shaelas Tiraleth - Awakening

Warning: long post ahoy

Olarune 20, 994 YK

Returned to the dawn of the Day of Mourning, Zil’dejin, Derli and Xulgos attempt to address earlier failures by changing their strategy. Using the Manual of the Planes, they intend to change the destination of the teleportation circle in Grandir’s office. In the Narthex, Zil’dejin and Xulgos gain access to the office but Derli is left outside. Zil’dejin claims to be an agent of Raveth and that the location of the summit has changed to the city of Wroat. He prepares the sigil sequence for Risia instead, but he and Xulgos are surprised to find they end up in Wroat regardless. Enraged, Grandir activates the power of the Rod of Order and kills them both. Meanwhile, Derli engages in combat with the guards of Shaelas Tiraleth, attempting to break into the office. He is eventually overwhelmed, and in his last moments sees the Mourning beginning out the window of Grandir’s office.

Olarune 20, 994 YK

Alive once again at the dawn of the day, the party tries a more investigative approach. Noting the changing numbers and positions of crystal statues that nobody acknowledges, Derli chooses to smash one. The others believe he has just killed somebody. A masked figure in a multicolored cloak watches them from the rooftops, and the three pursue him, cornering him in a house. They gain more questions than answers: the man is Talbot, at this time an agent of Remelius Artauche investigating the Rod of Order. He becomes involved in their current plot to take the Rod from Grandir. Talbot is to steal Grandir’s ritual book. He agrees, and before he leaves mentions “he won’t be seeing [them] again for a while” and offers “good luck with the devils.” He gives Xulgos an oblong black box before vanishing into the city.

Conflict in the office regarding the abandoned tower the party respawns at and Grandir’s dead wife leads to the death of Zil’dejin. The ritual book fizzles as Grandir attempts to open a portal to Mt. Triad, but a connection is made anyway, seemingly by Raveth. Xulgos watches as the Mourning takes place again, and is the last to die.

Olarune 20, 994 YK

Xulgos opens the box to find two smaller boxes, believed to be a crossbow and a deck of cards. A note in the inside says to “pick one – a chance at greater reward, or a sure thing.” He leaves it for the time being. Where Derli smashed the statue the previous “day” is a woman ranting and panicking. Zil’dejin and Xulgos question the tower guard to find about a pact of some kind made with devils, while Derli speaks with the panicked woman, Vilia. She claims to be “lucid,” and has a higher understanding of the situation than the other eladrin here. She points the party to the “calming cells” of the Narthex, where troubled researches are put in “detention.” Another so-called lucid named Loxilo is said to be held there and has more information, so this is where they go.

They are able to speak with Loxilo and he expresses his theory that this is not the past, but rather, Grandir’s dream, an endless replaying of his guilt. The eladrin are real, but are trapped here, their consciousness wasting away. He suggests that somebody with more sanity left than him could potentially manipulate the dream, but he is too far gone, and too close to where the dream is strong. The tower, where Grandir never goes, is a weak point in the dream. When the Mourning occurs again and the party is killed, they decide to attempt this.

Olarune 20, 994 YK

The group experiments with manipulating the dream and is successful. Grandir’s office is merged with the tower, and he seems confused when he arrives. After a number of events, including Derli’s wielding of Dol Dorn’s weapons and Zil’dejin becoming 20 feet tall, Grandir is convinced to give the Rod of Order to Xulgos and throw himself off the tower alongside the drow, bringing the dream to a close. As the world around them crumbles, the sky shatters, and horrible creatures – the quori inhabitants of Dal Quor – start to enter, Zil’dejin is ejected from the dream. Derli faces the now-lucid form of Grandir in the last vestige of the dream, and persuades him to let go, allowing the quori to devour him.

Zarantyr 3, 1000 YK

The crystal shells of the eladrin and then nerra shatter. Grandir’s body falls out of the pillar, rapidly returning to life where the other eladrin died. He is a coming tool of the quori, and so after some talk about the pact he made with the devils – the souls of all his people on his and his wife’s deaths – Zil’dejin executes him to prevent him from becoming more dangerous. The Rod of Order is still held by Xulgos, apparently physically kept inside Grandir’s dream since its last use. The three decide to deal with the Dreambreaker, who seeks the artifact from within the ruins of Shaelas Tiraleth.

Experience Gained: 5000 XP (from RP, mainly)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys



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