The Hands that Move the World

Valenar II: Mourning's Witness

Zarantyr 3, 1000 YK

Faced with the crystal humanoids, whom the elves call the nerra, or “crystal men,” the party and the elven warband attempt communication, which results in failure. The creatures appear unable to speak, though they seem to understand the Elven language. They prepare to move on to the next inner ring of the city, and the creatures don’t seem inclined to stop them until the beating of wings is heard, and the skeletal form of a dragon with starfield wings rises from elsewhere in the city. Its roar, a strange, undulating cry, drives the nerra to frenzy. From one direction comes a horde of thirty lesser nerra, while the stronger ones at the gate prepare to attack. The party decides to handle the mob of thirty, while the warband deals with the rest.

Another elf is lost in the battle, but both sides emerge victorious, and they continue further on, believing they will find a clue to the High King’s dreaming condition at the remains of Silver Tree, in the city’s central ring. In the third ring, once home to the city’s upper class, they find two entrances: one blocked with crystal, the other surrounded by a makeshift structure. The party enters the latter while Vadallia’s elves try breaking through the former. Lost in the maze of narrow tunnels in the makeshift structure, the party ends up in a dome-like chamber. Nested in the walls are more crystals, with humanoid forms in them, and a pillar of the same in the room’s center. The nerra here attempt communication by meshing with Derli, who after a time permits them to do so, and is crystallized fully. The nerra insist upon it, using Derli’s body as a medium of communication, insisting on “undoing the reunion” and acting “before the Dreambreaker” and “1000 diverging histories.” Eventually Zil’dejin and Xulgos allow the same to happen to them.

Olarune 20, 994 YK

The three arrive in what they learn to be Shaelas Tiraleth on 20 Olarune, 994 YK: the Day of Mourning. All is as would be expected, except for crystal statues of eladrin in the streets that none appear to notice. They are not certain whether it is truly the past, but investigate to try and determine what has happened. They investigate the Narthex first, the premiere instituion of learning in the city, and from there go to the Silver Tree itself, where the lord, Grandir Shan Tiraleth, makes his home. They are informed by his honour guard that he is in a sojourn in Thelanis. While they plan other options, he suddenly returns, and they meet him in the library to talk. Though he is reluctant to give away details, it appears he has brought with him the Rod of Order,
and intends to bring it to a “summit of sovereigns.” The party cannot dissuade him from this course, but convince him to allow them to accompany him.

What they witness after teleportation through a circle in his office is the source of the Mourning. On Mt. Triad of Cyre, so named for its triangular shape and platform of the same shape at its peak, bearing mysterious ruins, Grandir meets with two cloaked figures, soon revealed as Raveth Funa’Koshe and the last patriarch of House Cannith, Starrin d’Cannith. They have brought the Chaos Gear and the Chains of Balance, respectively, and the party is all but helpless to watch them assemble the three into the Staff of Three Dragons. Though they attack Raveth and Starrin, they are powerless to affect them, and though Derli manages to destroy Grandir as the staff builds power, the Three Dragons’ power is fully unleashed and the Day of Mourning proceeds.

Xulgos, Zil’dejin and Derli are transported back to Shaelas Tiraleth at the dawn of the same day, as though nothing had happened.

Experience Gained: 6066 XP (from combat)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys



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