The Hands that Move the World

Valenar I: Shaelas Tiraleth - The Chasm

Vult 20, 999 YK

Back at the Eclipse Keep, the Collective makes the final arrangements needed before setting sail for Valenar. Strategy for the upcoming invasion, which is now predicted to be near the end of the month of Zarantyr, 1000 YK, is discussed with Coref. Nimozaran is spoken to about contacting the mages’ guilds of Karrnath, and representatives of the Mror Holds and Q’barra as well as investigating the mercenary companies, the Dawntreaders and the Earthsmiters, of which Zil’dejin and Derli were members respectively.

They then take their ship, the Splendor Solus, to Wroat. They speak to a Silas d’Lyrandar about safe passage to the Lyrandar-controlled dock of Taer Valaestas, and are given a letter by the man despite his bitterness in the SKTC stealing his House’s contract with Breland. They also go to see Darin d’Lyrandar again, but he has gone to Stormhome. Merrix d’Cannith is spoken to about siege engines for the war, and the party pays 25,000 gp to invest in the “Fat Dragon Project,” literally a flying fortress. They are offered some simple land constructs as well, which they accept. High-quality barding is purchased to offer the elves as gifts, and also to armour Rumham. Lastly, they visit the Hearth, where Derli puts in an order with House Vadalis for a magebred wyvern.

With all things in order, their mounts and supplies are loaded with their gifts and some trade goods into the Splendor Solus, and they set sail for Valenar.

Vult 27, 999 YK
Highly generous winds speed travel greatly, and the Splendor Solus arrives in the Bay of Swords. As she enters the Redwater River, however, rocks seem to materialize from nowhere and slice the hull of the ship, forcing the captain to run it ashore on the western bank. The party waits for a brief time while repairs are attempted, but notice elves watching them nearby. Derli and Xulgos approach, but things quickly turn south, and a battle begins. The elves are all knocked unconscious, with no casualties except for a single horse devoured by Rumham. This earns the respect of the Valaes Tairn elves, who respect victory (if not honour), and their warband leader, Nalena, agrees to take them to see High King Shaeras Vadallia to offer their plight, in exchange for hearing more of their exploits. They set off after being assured the crew of the Splendor Solus will come to no harm.

Later in the day, the party arrives in Taer Valaestas, where they enter the walls of thorns and pass through sparse streets nearly devoid of elves to reach the High King’s palace. They encounter him in an argument with his viceroy, Shyralla d’Lyrandar, about his coming journey. He speaks with the party briefly about the upcoming invasion and their plans, and despite some animosity with Derli offers the possibility of his help in exchange for their assistance with investigating a strange matter: he has been dreaming, where other elves don’t. The Keepers of the Past have told him of an eladrin who once had a similar experience, who was lord of Shaelas Tiraleth. Vadallia is headed there to seek answers, and wishes for the party to accompany him. They agree, and after a minor meat-related racial conflict, follow him and six of his warband west to the Mournland.

Zarantyr 3, 1000 YK

The new year breaks as the party rides with the Valaes Tairn, telling of their exploits to the High King, who revels in the experience. Xulgos helps the group in crossing the Dead-Gray Mist, and they pass into the Mournland. From there, it is a short ride to the ruins of Shaelas Tiraleth, a city of concentric circles with a dead tree in the centre. A chasm, a kilometer wide, separates them from the city, surrounding it as a ring. They discover that strange crystal growths abound in the ruins, which have two effects. First, prolonged contact causes them to spread to whoever touched them, as happens to Derli. Second, they have an anti-magic field which prevents the manifestation of hidden buildings there, and on removing the crystals, uncover a bridge (at the expense of one of the elves’ life). They arrive on the other side of the chasm and enter the second circle of the city, but the gate is closed behind them with crystal, and they are faced with entities seemingly also made of crystal, and appearing hostile.

Experience Gained: 4800 XP (2400 XP from combat, 2400 XP from skill challenge/puzzle)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys



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