The Hands that Move the World

Thunderspire I: The Chamber of Eyes

The slaver group known as the Bloodreavers have their hideout in the Chamber of Eyes, deeper within the labyrinth. Following a map given to them by Rendil Halfmoon, they find the hideout, and are forced to battle the goblinoid slavers, killing a rather large number including their warchief. They find a contract for the selling of slaves as well.

They proceed through the rest of the Chamber, killing many more goblins, hobgoblins, and even some humans. They are also met with a dire wolf apparently in the room from which the area gets its name. It is apparently intended to hold slaves, though all the shackles are empty. Once the Chamber of Eyes has been cleared, they go back to the Seven Pillared Hall to rest the night.

Notes: The Bloodreavers were taken down surprisingly easily, but what can anyone expect from a bunch of shiftless goblins? The dire wolf, already within an inch of its life, was killed by an extremely powerful attack by Zil’dejin, and at the end of everything a captive was taken: a goblin named Reb. He is watched over by Stahlstrauss and Eshunu while everybody else goes to rest.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Lythanis Zyk, Stahlstrauss, Eshunu, Garmeth Shitorai, Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani

Wir, Barrakas 11, 998 YK (Day 25).

With only slight difficulty, the Collective follows Rendil Halfmoon‘s map through the Labyrinth to the so-called Chamber of Eyes, the current hideout of the Bloodreavers. On entry, they find themselves in a large, mostly-empty chamber littered with rubble, overlooked by a balcony at the opposite end. Other than the door through which they entered, there is only one other exit to the room, located on a wall to the party’s right.

They test the door and find it locked. Garmeth volunteers to pick the lock, and after an initially unsuccessful attempt is able to get the door open. The hall beyond that door opens up into what appears to be a guard outpost, containing a bugbear and a few goblins. They raise an alarm of sorts and charge the party, who fend them off in short time and consider their options. They are in a hallway, which acts as an intersection between four passages. Behind them is the way they came. To their left, the guard chamber, containing some rudimentary beds and other furniture, and stairs leading upwards. To their right, a hallway leading to a closed door, and in front of them another hallway, leading to a set of large double doors, embossed with the image of an eye.

They decide to head through the guard post and up the stairs. The hall here splits into two; one way leads to the balcony overlooking the room the entered into, and the other leads to yet another closed door. They head this way, and open it. It is not locked. Inside, two duergar are resting in front of a fire. As the Collective enters, they spring to their feet and draw their weapons. Shortly into the battle, the commotion draws hobgoblins from adjacent quarter rooms, including the apparent warchief of the Bloodreavers, who is identified as Krand.

A rather vicious battle ensues, throughout which Lythanis appears somewhat distant and remote, acting unusually. He is of little help to the battle, but ultimately the Collective emerges on top, and the entire group is defeated. They search the area for clues towards Paldemar’s whereabouts. In the quarters of Warchief Krand, they find an enchanted set of armor, some money, and most importantly, a contract written in Common detailing an agreement between Krand and an unknown name (written in dwarven glyphs) for a purchase of slaves worth 1,000 gold pieces.

The Collective then leaves this area, headed for the double doors. Inside, they find a large, mostly-empty chamber, containing a few hobgoblins and a massive black wolf lying on the floor. Chains, apparently manacles, are anchored to the ground and the walls, but do not hold any prisoners. As the party enters, the inhabitants of the room attack.

The party fights back with great success, flowing smoothly in the battle and defeating their opponents with ease. Even the Dire Wolf they face is little match to them, and Zil’dejin finishes it with such a potent strike that the battered form of the beast is thereafter unrecognizable. After this is done, they search the room and discover a secret passage in the far corner of the room. After some deliberation, they choose to follow this dark passage.

On the other side, they find themselves in a store room of some kind, containing numerous boxes and barrels. They see light and hear sounds of revelry from a room beyond, and they attempt to sneak through, but are detected by this room’s occupants. Here, there are more goblins and hobgoblins, as well as a few shifty-looking humans. The Collective fights these enemies, and captures one of the goblins.

After some slight questioning, they discover his name is Reb, and for the time being he is too frightened to give much more. The party decides to leave for the sake of resting, keeping the captured Reb under the watchful eyes of the sleepless constructs Stahlstrauss and Eshunu.

The others – Zil’dejin, Lythanus, Lucan and Garmeth – return to the Seven Pillared Hall and stay the night at the Halfmoon Inn, intending to return to the Chamber of Eyes the following morning.



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