The Hands that Move the World

Things Left Behind I: Up and Away

Olarune 1, 1001 YK

Zil’dejin, Iadoes, and Rilic return to Q’barra briefly to meet with Mishva and Zil’kavak in Castle Garodya. Mishva believes she is with child, and is planning an attack on Valenar she wants Zil’dejin to supports. He says he will consider it. Zil’kavak, recovering from the effects of magic poison, gives him his congratulations and a ring that has been passed through their family since the days of the Dragonborn Empire. Gaviir Firebane also gives Iadoes a ring, which was given to him (by his account) by a “bald man with a moustache” who was found wandering the castle. The party leaves and goes back to Grey Titan’s Hold.

Olarune 2, 1001 YK

The Eran Royal Council convenes for the month of Olarune. Huge expansion plans, especially for Grey Titan’s Hold, are laid down. The city begins construction on an entire new district, and considerable exploration edicts are issued.

Olarune 5, 1001 YK

A diplomat from Karrnath arrives and establishes a somewhat unfair treaty with the Kingdom of Eros. It is still a benefit to the economy.

Therendor 1, 1001 YK

Nimozaran the Green arrives at Iadoes’ tower. He is acting strange and asking for blank scrolls. Iadoes takes him to see Zil’dejin, and they discover a hole in the back of his head filled with gelatinous slime. They fetch Rilic and go to Conlon’s magical academy, attempt some research, and eventually give him the scroll he asked for. He creates a readable spell scroll with ooze pouring from his mouth, and Iadoes gives him more, reducing his intelligence with each one made.

Zil’dejin reads the scroll and opens a portal to a dark, cavernous chamber. On illuminating it, it contains a huge pit with some sort of large, humming object, and a walkway adjacent to the portal over the pit which holds mind flayers, who attack and demand the return of their prisoner. The party kills the mind flayers as the ceiling opens above them, revealing the large object to be a giant ship or something similar shaped like a nautilus. It is rising slowly into the air.

They leap from the walkway with Zil’dejin carrying Rilic and Iadoes on his shoulders, and fight through some mind flayer psychic blasts and floating adversaries before arriving on the deck. They enter, finding some humanoids being kept as food for a long journey, and a dwarf who claims to be a slave, not to be fed on (though they have been anyway… a little bit). They ask for the dwarf’s help in finding the command deck, and he agrees as the ship rises ever higher into the sky.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Iadoes Lunaformer, Rilic Balendal

Olarune 1, 1001 YK

As the Devil Days celebration begins, Zil’dejin Firebane goes with Rilic Balendal and Iadoes Lunaformer to Castle Garodya in Q’barra, where Zil’dejin meets with Mishva. They find her in her war room, planning an eventual attack on the eastern border of Valenar. She asks Zil’dejin to assist her by striking at the elves from the west, possibly by crossing troops over Lake Cyre. Zil’dejin promises to consider the plan and assist her when he can. Before he goes to speak with his father, who Mishva says has fallen ill, Zil’dejin’s soon-to-be consort informs him that a shaman has “divined that [she] is with child.” He acknowledges this, and proceeds to his father’s quarters.

Zil’kavak does indeed appear to have fallen ill, and is being attended to by Gaviir. Zil’kavak claims that he was struck by a poison spear in their last battle with the Poison Dusk dragonborn, who assaulted the castle a few hours before the wave of death emanating from Haka’torvhak reached the battlefield. Though the Poison Dusk fell, the poison remained. Zil’kavak is convinced he will make a full recovery, however, and tells Zil’dejin that he will return to what is left of the Firebane clan to become its elder again. He congratulates Zil’dejin on the news of a potential grandchild, and mentions that he will send his “lesser son” to find Zil’dejin and bring him back after he has recovered from the poison. Gaviir stands in awe of Zil’dejin’s wings, which he believes cements Zil’dejin’s “destiny” as the founder of a new dragonborn empire. Zil’dejin’s brother also mentions to Iadoes that a “bald man with a moustache” was found in the castle despite not being seen entering. He told Gaviir to deliver a ring, a strange-looking item seemingly carved of old bone with a claw motif. Iadoes puts it on, but feels no difference. He notes, however, that there is something odd about the ring, a sensation like magic, but not arcane, primal, or divine.

On a similar note, before leaving, Zil’dejin is given a dragon-shaped ring of gold and ruby by Zil’kavak, apparently dating back to the first dragonborn empire. It is the keepsake of the Firebane clan, and provides a Firebane-born wearer with immunity to fire.

After this meeting, the three return to Grey Titan’s Hold.

Olarune 2, 1001 YK

In the wake of Devil Days, the party returns to the castle that is acting as their base of operations in the absence of the Eclipse Keep, and Zil’dejin calls to order another meeting of the Royal Council to set in motion the operations of Eros in the month of Olarune.

The council meeting is a monumental one for Eros, spending a great deal of the wealth acquired from Rhashaak‘s hoard. A project begins to expand Grey Titan’s Hold with an entire new district, one that will support the growth of the hold from a large town to a large city of nearly 20,000 people. Further, extensive exploration efforts begin to expand the territory of Eros both westward towards Metrol and northward towards monster-infested territory. The ruins of the city of Kalazart are also to be incorporated into Eros’ borders, upon which a new settlement will be built following review of the proceedings.

When the council meeting concludes, Iadoes is visited by an innkeeper from the town who asks him to bless his new business venture. Iadoes submerges him in a pool of freezing cold water until his extremities are numb, which seem sufficient for the man who donates to the Cult of Lharvion.

Olarune 5, 1001 YK

Not long after the meeting, the party is visited by an ambassador from Karrnath who hopes to settle some of the tension between the two kingdoms by established a trade treaty. Though Rickard Mancuso believes it to be somewhat one-sided in favour of Karrnath, the council accepts with the notion of potentially renegotiating it later to fairer terms. Regardless of the lopsided nature, the treaty is a boon for Eros’ economy.

Therendor 1, 1001 YK

As a new month dawns in Eros, Iadoes is called upon late at night by a visitor to his tower. Emerging on the bottom floor and carrying his staff (purely for decorative purposes), Iadoes encounters what appears to be Nimozaran the Green. Nimozaran is acting strangely and repeatedly asking for blank scrolls. Iadoes promises him that he will deliver the scrolls but instead takes him to Zil’dejin, who is observing construction on an opulent palace commissioned for the capital. The two speak in private and Iadoes investigates Nimozaran further, discovering a large hole in the back of his skull filled with some sort of gelatinous substance. They immediately meet up with Rilic and take Nimozaran to Conlon’s magical academy, where in the library Iadoes searches for texts that might suggest the involvement of mind flayers in such a thing. He comes up somewhat lacking, and eventually they give Nimozaran a blank scroll.

He unrolls it, lays it on the table, and collapses face-first onto its surface. After a while, he rises, viscous fluid dripping from his mouth. The scroll contains the fluid which has pooled into rough arcane text, suitable for spell casting. Iadoes has him produce a few more scrolls, and the three note that Nimozaran’s intelligence (already considerably stunted) falls with each writing to the point of near-incoherence by the final one.

Iadoes examines a scroll and discovers it to be somehow related to translocation. He decides to read it, which opens a black portal in the magical academy. Zil’dejin puts his face through it in typical Eclipse Collective spirit, but sees only darkness. He can hear the echoing as though of a large chamber and strange hushed voices. As he prepares to withdraw, he notes some red lights somewhere below him, and is provided a torch by Iadoes with which to illuminate the room beyond. It is indeed a cavernous space, and the portal itself opens up to an overlook of some sort carved of smooth stone, overlooking a sizable drop. The walkway extends beyond the range of the torch’s light in either direction. Unfortunately, the light appears to attract the attention of the creatures in the room which reveal themselves to be mind flayers, who move towards the portal.

Iadoes prepares to close the portal before the light-producing object in the pit below begins making more light and sound, and decides to shut it anyway. His magic proves insufficient, and a mind flayer emerges, who telepathically demands the “return of the prisoner” before being promptly killed by Zil’dejin. The three then enter the portal and discover the lights have formed a shape resembling a ship. They fight their way through the remaining mind flayers on the walkway, during which Iadoes triggers a chaos surge that results in a magical aura that will age the next weapon to touch him. Meanwhile, the ceiling opens above them, the light from the sky above illuminating the object enough to see what it is.

In the pit below them is a tremendous vessel, apparently partly organic, shaped like a nautilus. There are various items and objects worked into the shell and in the flesh in a few places, forming decks on the giant creature. On the lowest of the decks, a ramp has been lowered, but as the vessel slowly hovers into the air the ramp is being gradually retracted. Seeking to capitalize on the opportunity, the three hatch a loose plan to get on board before it leaves.

Zil’dejin takes Rilic and Iadoes on his shoulders, preparing for a huge leap to cross the distance between the walkway they are on and the ramp on the lowest deck of the ship. Iadoes casts a slowfall spell on him to slow him down, and he jumps (still not accustomed to his wings). As they hurl through the air towards the rising nautilus ship, they are attacked by a number of mind flayers on the decks, who number around seventy. Attacks are repelled by Iadoes’ shield spell, and Zil’dejin and Rilic handle a more powerful mind flayer who attacks thereafter. They land where they intend to, but not before Iadoes casts a moon fire spell on the way which rakes across the decks, killing a great number of mind flayers in the process.

In the lowest deck of the ship, they discover some rooms filled with barely-clothed humanoids the mind flayers are apparently using as food. They encounter a few mind flayers here, and kill all of them. One of the humanoids, a dwarf, claims to be kept as a slave for general purposes on the ship while the mind flayers unload the other slaves when they get to their destination for use as “laborers.” He has been snacked upon by a mind flayer and so is not especially helpful, but he mentions he can help lead the party to the command deck. They agree to follow him.

As they leave the “store rooms” at the fore of the Nautiloid (as the dwarf calls it), Iadoes looks outside to find they are considerably high in the air above a partially-hollowed mountain they emerged from, and apparently rising straight upwards still.



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