The Hands that Move the World

Seeds of War

Olarune 3, 1000 YK

In the wake of the Starpeaks Invasion, the armies involved return home… mostly.

Though the Aundairian regiment took a beating when the Bronze Citadel’s gates were breached, the regiment’s leader First Warlord Adal ir’Wynarn has seen fit to hire the Valaes Tairn elves as mercenaries. He is on a march towards Thaliost, in an effort to reclaim the city for Aundair. The Eclipse Collective has learned of this, and some of those still active and alive after the fighting aim to intervene.

Zil’dejin and Derli take the Phoenix Eclipse to pay a visit to the Brelish army on their march home. They visit King Boranel ir’Wynarn, who has taken multiple hits from the spined devils in the breach, and is recovering from his injuries. Zil’dejin requests aid from the Brelish Devilkiller legion, and after some convincing, Boranel allows it. Zil’dejin begins marching them towards Thaliost to repel Adal’s assault with Xulgos close at hand, while Derli decides to try and meet up with the Mroranon dwarves to ask for aid.

Olarune 6, 1000 YK

Roughly midway to Thaliost, the Brelish legion come across a freezing-cold crater in the ground. In its center is a pale tiefling chained to a white boulder. Zil’dejin goes to investigate, and after some discussion with the slightly addled man, orders the soldiers to cut him down. The tiefling, Iadoes Lunaformer, requests food, and Zil’dejin promises him some bread in exchange for the sorcerer’s assistance in pushing back the Valaes Tairn elves. Iadoes agrees, and joins with the Brelish legion.

Meanwhile, Derli meets with Torlan Mroranon, and is granted a small but fast ship with 100 dwarven defenders from Clan Mroranon for his purposes.

Olarune 9, 1000 YK

With the help of Iadoes’ substantial cold powers, the party breaks through the west gate of Thaliost after clearing some confusion with the Knights Militant, who believe they are allied with the Aundairians. They meet Barnus Firehope, the city’s marshal, and inform him they seek the elves. They are directed to the eastern edge of the city, where the elves are rampaging, looting, and killing civilians.

With a Brelish commander, Xulgos and Zil’dejin lead the Brelish into battle. After Xulgos’ archers loose a barrage of arrows on the lightning-fast elven cavalry, the elves meet the Brelish cavalry in combat, taking their mounted attack as a personal challenge. The fight is bloody with substantial cavalries among the Brelish, but the elven army is destroyed nearly entirely, with its last vestiges killed by the 3rd Regiment on the Valaes Tairn rout.

Not long after, Derli arrives with his hundred dwarves, and they go to the city centre to meet the Aundairians in combat. Three companies are present, but the arcane company is unattended, so the dwarves move to flank them. Despite being outnumbered nearly eight-to-one, the dwarves defeat the arcane company entirely, though at the cost of all soldiers save Derli. He becomes surrounded by the light cavalry when they have finished with the last of the Knights Militant, and is threatened until the remaining Brelish soldiers arrive. The 1st Regiment is now commanded by Zil’dejin, who orders a false retreat while Xulgos’s archers engage the light cavalry. Most of the cavalry are killed in the ensuing skirmish, and the rest are killed by Zil’dejin’s surprise attack.

Before the fight can progress much further, the ground breaks open and fire spews forth. A pit descends into the earth, and at the bottom is a huge Khyber shard, riven through with orange-red lines. Barnus appears and demands to be given custody of the shard to give to the exorcists, and begins retrieving it with the help of his men. Iadoes and Xulgos stay to observe him for a while, but eventually leave.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Iadoes Lunaformer



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