The Hands that Move the World

Seed of Corruption I: Planting the Seed

Rhaan 6, 999 YK – Rhaan 10, 999 YK.

After some short downtime in the Eclipse Keep, the party begins to enact their plan to continue gathering support starting with Thrane. Before leaving, Garmeth requests to stop by the Zuokelled Monastery in the Seawall Mountains to deliver the orb Rave received from Garmeth’s former master. Though skeptical, the Eclipse Collective agrees, and head off towards the mountains. Xulgos and Derli still have business to attend to at the Keep, and lag behind.

Once Garmeth, Zil’dejin and Zan-kyri arrive, they enter the monastery and go to meet with Drath, its master. They show him the Seed of Corruption, and as soon as he removes the leather bindings, the corrupting influence of Xoriat begins to spread rapidly outwards. The monks are turned into foulspawn, and a fight ensues, but the three are outmatched. Zil’dejin and Zan-kyri are knocked unconscious and placed into pod-like structures, and Garmeth is killed outright and absorbed into the walls-turned-flesh of the monastery.

Experience obtained: 0 XP (party was wiped out in the only encounter)

Main Character: Zil’dejin Firebane, Garmeth Shitorai, Zan-kyri



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