The Hands that Move the World

Risia VIII: Sar - Unveiling the Tomb

Vult 18, 999 YK

After clearing Sar’s entry hall of ice archons, the party loots a traveler’s altar and some gem-encrusted pillars in the hall before moving on. Before they can advance, they are faced with the ghost of Zan-kai, Zan-kyri’s father and former king of Zan. Zan-kai explains he arrived looking for the Winter Crown with the kings of Sha and Ki, but the latter, King Ki-ja, betrayed them and killed them all. The Crown, he reveals, grants control of the Frozen Colossus: a massive construct of ice, bound with the souls of most of the recently sacrificed genasi population. Ki-ja, under the influence of Cryonax, should not be allowed to have it. Zan-kai’s spirit holds the door shut.

Agreeing to stop Ki-ja and proving themselves worthy, Zan-kai relinquishes his control over the door, and the party proceeds in, taking some items off his body before advancing. They cross a portion of Sar which has fallen away into the Shattering, and in doing so Zil’dejin and Xulgos become infused with elemental ice power. After exploring some of the abandoned halls of Sar, and finding a portal room seemingly connecting all the genasi domains with a planar portal, and a memorial chamber with enchanted paintings, they arrive in the throne room, where the first Genasi king, Sar-o, is entombed. Ki-ja sits on the throne between two silver-armored bodyguards. He wears a shining crown made of ice.

Speaking with Ki-ja, they find him to be mad, and learn that his bodyguards are none other than shapeshifted forms of Mekava and Lavango, two primordial dragons who ruled the north before Cryonax. Zil’dejin convinces them to turn on Ki-ja, but Lavango seizes the crown for himself, and the two reveal that they have an age-old rivalry… which they will put aside to deal with the interlopers.

The party engages in a difficult fight with the two dragons, on the bridge to the throne hovering over the Shattering. In the chaos, Kavaki is thrown over the edge and plummets 200 feet before landing (unconscious) on a mote of ice. Zil’dejin and Xulgos are left to deal with Mekava, but are able to bring the dragon down. As they do so, the sarcophagus before the throne opens, and the form of Sar-o emerges, placing the crown upon his head…

Experience Gained: 11,187 XP (7,187 from combat, 2,000 from RP, 2,000 from skill challenge)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Kavaki Oreblood



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