The Hands that Move the World

Risia VII: Sar - Crossing the Shattering

Vult 10, 999 YK

The Eclipse Collective arrives at Uteheim, the home of the frost giants of Risia. After negotiating with the guard guard, Conlon is allowed to enter and speak with their genasi prisoners. He finds out their reason for coming: they were part of a distraction force, meant to keep the giants busy while their companions, with the genasi royalty, went to the Shattering. After learning all he could from them, he offered them “freedom” by betraying them to the frost giant Jarl Aegir, who then had them killed and offered an audience with the party. He promised them a way out in exchange for the Winter Crown, located in the remains of the ancient domain of Sar.

The party agrees and decides to visit the Shattering.

Vult 11, 999 YK

At the edge of the world, they find a rolling chaos storm around motes of ice. They attempt to cross to some of them but find it impossible. They deduce that the tomb is probably in the storm somewhere, bu they can’t reach it for now, so they return to the goliath camp.

Vult 14, 999 YK

Conlon consults with Eltimar using his new ability, and learns that a ritual is necessary to find the lost tomb of the Winter King, and that it requires the blood of three genasi royals. The party acquires the blood of Zan-kyri in addition to the blood they took of the queen of Sar, leaving only the king of Ki. They learn that the king is probably already in Sar, and that the “blood of Sar finds the entrance, the blood of Zan opens it, and the blood of Ki frees the crown.” They go back to the Shattering. Zan-kyri decides to retire from adventuring, and instead remains with the goliaths, intending to soon return to his home domain of Zan.

Vult 18, 999 YK

After being waylaid by wolves the party returns to the Shattering and spills some of the queen of Sha’s blood onto the snow. The motes coalesce to form a bridge to one of the largest ice motes, and they cross. Some of Zan-kyri’s blood is smeared on the wall of the central mote, and a door forms. They step inside and are attacked by frost archons in the entrance chamber.

Experience Gained: 2000 XP

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Kavaki Oreblood



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