The Hands that Move the World

Risia VI: Sha - Secret Passage

Vult 2, 999 YK

The Collective searches the throne room of Sha and discovers a secret passage beneath the throne. They also come across a scavenger picking through the remains of Sha, a shifter named Winter, who accompanies them briefly. After removing the throne with another tlalusk fat bomb, they descend into the passage to find a room with an ancient teleportation circle, connected to some kind of artifact. Conlon uses magic to question the room and discovers the artifact is called the Winter Crown, but after some trial and error learn that this is not the same crown as was on the body of the Bondbreaker captive, the late queen of Sha. They also learn that the Bondbreakers wanted her for some kind of map, which was “in her blood.” Conlon drains what is left of the queen’s blood into a waterskin.

Having some faint leads but many dead ends, the party returns to the goliath nomad encampment, dragging the rime hound (whom they have named “Rumham”) with them.

Vult 7, 999 YK

Conlon and Zil’dejin drag Rumham, while Kavaki manages rations, Xulgos blazes the trail, and Winter scouts ahead. The journey is quick enough but limited by the dragging, and takes five days instead of four. Back at the goliath camp, they attempt to have the queen resurrected, but the attempt fails. The party learns a bit about the genasi, who came through a few months previous with a small army, bound for the mountains to the west which are occupied by the frost giants. The party decides to head there next.

Experience Gained: 1400 (from skill challenge and roleplay)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Kavaki Oreblood



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