The Hands that Move the World

Risia IX: Sar - The Winter King

Vult 18, 999 YK

Faced with the ethereal form of Sar-o, the Winter King, Xulgos tentatively steps around the long-dead genasi to help Zil’dejin up. The two of them then attempt speaking with Sar-o, and explain their reasons for being there, the conquest of Mekava and Lavango, and request his help in recovering Kavaki. He raises the mote bearing Kavaki’s unconscious body, and he too is helped up. Sha-o then explains the real use of the Winter Crown: the souls of the genasi have been sacrificed to forge the Frozen Colossus, a massive construct of ice that is the genasi’s greatest weapon, and it is controlled by the Winter Crown. When told of Zan-kyri, the Winter King agrees to give his descendant the Crown, but only if the party can prove themselves to him in martial combat. The party consents to this, but request time to rest and recover from their recent battle first.

Vult 19, 999 YK

Sha-o allows it, and they rest in the throne room, awakening to find him sitting on his throne, dimly luminescent. The blue sheen of power around Zil’dejin and Xulgos has subsided, leaving Xulgos’ skin dyed slate grey, and Zil’dejin’s scales a metallic silver. When they tell him they are prepared, he uses the power of the crown to open a gap in the ceiling for light to shine through, and a fight begins. Although Xulgos is killed in the melee, they win and prove themselves. Sha-o sacrifices his essence to raise Xulgos and also gives to him his armor, now haunted with the Winter King’s spirit. With this and the crown in hand, they make for the portal chamber they discovered previously and teleport to Sha. There they find Rumham the Rime Hound, clearly dragged there and left by the goliath nomads. They ride Rumham to Zan, where they give the crown to Zan-kyri.

Vult 20, 999 YK

At the shores of the Winter Sea, Zan-kyri successfully raises the Frozen Colossus and uses it to tear Ataz-bal – which they now know to be the prison of a Demon Overlord named Levistus, the Bringer of Ice – from its bindings, and launch it out into the Elemental Chaos. He then asks for Kavaki’s help in fighting back Cryonax’s legions and the devils to the south in exchange for his own help in defeating the frost giants. Kavaki agrees, and the party summons Baalondorus as they prepare to leave. They inform him of the portal to leave: the gate in Sar, which can be reprogrammed using their new Manual of the Planes and Zan-kyri’s memorized sigil sequence. Baalondorus shifts into human form and follows them and Rumham out of the plane, leaving Zan-kyri and Kavaki behind in Risia.

Back at the Eclipse Keep, Baalondorus leaves, stating he will “return for the dwarf.” They then meet with Nimozaran and the newly-rescued Derli, and soon after leave for Wroat to meet with their agent in the West Khorvaire Trading Company, Darin d’Lyrandar. Darin explains they need to expand, and suggests they hire the adventuring party that rescued Derli to expand to new trade contracts. The party favours this idea, and lays out a payment structure and prepares to send them off in a new ship, the Salvation, to establish a trade contract with Darguun. After commissioning some new ships and renaming the company the South Khorvaire Trading Company, as well as redistributing their wealth somewhat, they make preparations to set off in another new ship, a carrack called the Splendor Solus, to recruit allies in Valenar.

Experience Gained: 5500 XP (2000 XP from combat, 2000 XP from quest completion)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Kavaki Oreblood



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