The Hands that Move the World

Risia II: Elemental Chaos

Aryth 26, 999 YK

Conlon is disturbed from a sort of celestial coma by banging on the door of the Eclipse Keep’s vault. On opening the vault he finds Xulgos, or more accurately, Xulgos’ body double who has now received Xulgos’ consciousness. The two of them go back to the ruins of the tower, which is now completely obliterated, to see the devastation. They ask Nimozaran to follow with the cart in order to retrieve the bodies.

At the tower, Nimozaran takes the bodies (except for Zan-kyri, who is nothing but ash at this point), but they soon learn that it was in fact an impostor who took the bodies, disguised as Nimozaran. They discover that it was a rakshasa, a race of tiger-like beings said to serve the Demon Overlords. After resurrecting Zan-kyri from his ashes they track the rakshasa to a burned area of the nearby woods, and using residual power, open the portal that he used.

The party tumbles into it, ending up in the raging storm of magic called the Elemental Chaos beneath Khyber, standing on floating motes of stone. Derli is chained to an altar in the center by a shadowy figure only he and Xulgos can see as the same entity with burning armor that Derli saw once before. A black dragon, tremendous and ancient, bears down on their position. They manage to get to Derli and free him from his bonds, but a portal is opened and he is transferred away somewhere with the shadowy figure.

Zan-kyri claims he is royalty in Risia, the Plain of Ice, which is part of the Elemental Chaos. The dragon stops his assault and they learn of his nature as a former important figure in Argonnessen before his experiments with the Draconic Prophecy led him here. After talking with him for a while, he agrees to take them to Risia, which they believe is their best chance at escaping the Elemental Chaos.

Experience Gained:

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Zan-kyri, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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