The Hands that Move the World

Promise of Fire VIII: Mandate

Zarantyr 11, 1001 YK

Jhulae and Jevan Ssambra enter Ammultun, followed by Zil’dejin and Conlon. The drow kneel before Ammul, and the situation is explained. Ammul decides to allow the party to fight with the drow while he builds the machine, as he believes he will benefit regardless of who wins. The machine starts opening rifts to Fernia in the tomb as the fight begins.

A long fight ensues. Jhulae dies, most of the lesser Sulatar are brought low, and Marlamin is also killed. His body is tossed into Fernia, but is brought back by Ammul per a deal made with Iadoes. Jhulae is also brought back by this. Jevan’s intelligence is robbed from him and he is killed soon after by Zil’dejin, followed by the returned Jhulae.

The party then turns against Ammul. He wields some powerful magic, but is ultimately brought down. His death activates the Rage Shard that was in the tomb, causing some further injuries. Xulgos takes Jevan’s sword and lifts the Rage Shard, leaving the tomb with the rest of the party except Iadoes. The sorcerer disables the machine and follows after his battered companions.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Marlamin Tarmikos, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle, Tandi Warmmantle, Thoman Lander

Zarantyr 11, 1001 YK

Jhulae and Jevan Ssambra enter Ammultun, followed by Zil’dejin and Conlon. Ammul sees the Sulatar and reveals his identity, demanding that they bow before him. They do, as the drow still see the giant king as their master. Both the Eclipse Collective and the Sulatar drow offer their explanations for the current situation, and Ammul decides to let them fight in his tomb while he continues to build Firebring. He says he does not care who wins, for the drow will be loyal slaves if they win, and the Eclipse Collective will be useful allies.

The fight is long and bloody, a difficult engagement for all involved. As combat rages on in the fire giant’s tomb, rifts to Fernia spontaneously open themselves: an effect of the Firebring machine. Jhulae is killed early on in the combat, marking her second death at the hands of the Eclipse Collective. The Sulatar cronies — a mage, a priest, and two warriors — are shut down with potent magic by Iadoes and Xulgos early on while Jevan rampages through the party’s lines. Marlamin is killed, and his body is ripped through one of the portals to Fernia.

Midway through the fight, Ammul states that he can see the outcome of the fight, and it bores him. He offers Iadoes a deal: he’ll bring back Marlamin, but he’ll also bring back one of the Sulatar. Iadoes agrees, Marlamin returns, and Jhulae is brought back to life. The fight continues. Several more deaths rock the Eclipse Collective, but Thoman Lander is quick enough to bring his allies back each time. Jevan’s intelligence is robbed from him by Tandi, and he flies into a wordless single-minded rage, attacking Marlamin exclusively. Unable to act tactically, he is soon killed, and Jhulae follows after being encased in ice and repeatedly assailed.

At the end of the battle, Zil’dejin turns his attention to Ammul. He does not like what the fire giant king is doing, believing him to be evil and dangerous (and really, isn’t wrong about that). Furthermore, as a keeper of slaves, Ammul cannot be allowed to live. Zil’dejin attacks, harming Ammul in Adran’s form. Ammul responds by casting power word kill, ending Zil’dejin’s life immediately. The party begins their assault anew, and while Ammul wields powerful magic, it is not sufficient. Zil’dejin is returned to life by Thoman and mortally wounds the fire giant king before being trapped in a magical labyrinth. Xulgos crushes several bones with his pincers and lifts the giant-turned-half-elf into the air above the Rage Shard, which has been dropped on him by Iadoes’ telekinesis. Marlamin hacks into him until he dies, spilling his blood over the Rage Shard and activating its power, but killing the fire giant.

Xulgos lifts the Rage Shard, which does not affect him as his present form was given to him by Levistus, the Bringer of Ice. He also takes Jevan’s Blade of Burning Promise with his smaller arms. The party then leaves Iadoes in the tomb to deactivate Firebring, which he does. Iadoes also investigates the scroll and slate which held pieces of the Firebring schema, but they are now blank. The Eclipse Collective returns to the airship, though they have sustained some heavy injuries. Marlamin has multiple deep wounds, nerve damage, and respiratory damage. Iadoes also has respiratory damage, Namfoodle is paralyzed from the neck down and missing an eye, Conlon has no eyes whatsoever and has developed a short-term limp, and Tandi has a mangled leg. Everyone is alive, however, and ultimately victorious.



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