The Hands that Move the World

Promise of Fire IV: Metropolis

Zarantyr 8, 1001 YK
Adran regains consciousness, and helps Conlon and Morgue Colonnar search for a firesled to get to the City of Brass. They find one, damaged by the crash, but together they are able to repair it. Conlon’s son is told to wait in the wreckage, and they fly off to the city.

In the City of Brass itself, Zil’dejin and Iadoes are met by Haroun Sepah-Salaar, commander-in-chief of the City of Brass’ military. He tells them they have to “answer for their crimes,” and brings them to Krak al-Tawil (the Long Castle) in the Ashlarks district, the castle that acts as the base for the city guard. Here, there is a huge egg-shaped brass structure, about two storeys tall. Haroun explains that this is Ataz-bal, the Unwelcome Heart of Risia that Zan-kyri’s Frozen Colossus threw into the Elemental Chaos. It landed in the City of Brass, and they sealed it as best they could, but the seal is failing. Haroun asks the Eclipse Collective to reforge the metal by heating it in the Breath of the Sultan, a massive fountain of purple fire in front of his palace, but it requires discretion as the Sultan does not agree with the plan. They agree in exchange for absolving them of their crimes. They ask about their airship, and Haroun suggests visiting the Sulatar ambassadors in the Burning Palace, as the Phoenix Eclipse is of Sulatar make. They head towards it.

Landing in the Iskalat, the port district, Conlon finds the captain of an interplanar vessel, an orc named Captain Kqrush Bigarm who agrees to give his shipbuilders to Conlon if Conlon can kill him in a duel. Conlon does after severing his legs and blowing magic through his skull. The orc revives himself and takes Conlon and his crew to the wreckage to begin repairs. After this, Conlon goes back to the Iskalat, where Iadoes has just killed an azer named Zangot, a rival of another azer drug dealer named Ozorr, in exchange for some pa’kkkh (hyper-concentrated Dragon’s Blood). Iadoes is stopped by the city guard, but Conlon threatens them into leaving. The two rejoin Adran and Zil’dejin, and together head to the Burning Palace on top of a 300-foot-high plateau to inquire about the Sulatar presence in the city.

Here, they meet the vizier, who tells them that the Sultan is gone and the Sulatar are trading five “arcane pillars” (as the vizier calls them — a translation of the Ignan term, allegedly) for the shard of the Rage of War’s prison taken from the pyramid of Pata Anka. They are waiting for the Sulatar to return. He also asks Conlon to assist him with an arcane experiment he wants to perform with Ataz-bal in exchange for information about one of the hexblades in the Tournament of Blades. Conlon agrees, and they go back to the castle where the ritual is performed. Conlon meets with Levistus, the Bringer of Ice, and agrees to carry a shard of the Demon Overlord’s power within his own body in exchange for power for his son. He tries to contact Eltimar about this immediately after, but goes insane from the star entity’s rage at Conlon’s second pact formation.

Derli’s Pilgrimage: Derli and his cohorts come across an ancient ruin, with the skeleton of a dragon within, obviously killed by another dragon. His hoard has been looted, but he discovers a hidden area behind an illusory wall with some gems, treasures, an enchanted chain shirt capable of locating somebody (he does not know who) and a mirror, which apparently acts as a portal. He figures out how to work it and decides to go through after some goading by Tethris, who is revealed to be Prax’s lover (we have Theron to thank for that one).

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Adran Nailo

Secondary Character: Derli d’Kundarak



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