The Hands that Move the World

Promise of Fire III: Mayhem

Zarantyr 8, 1001 YK
Xulgos and Iadoes come out of the pyramid to see a Sulatar airship approaching, and Conlon coming from the other direction with his adopted son. He lands near the Phoenix Eclipse where Xulgos and Iadoes are already heading, and sends Morgue to distract the Sulatar while the Phoenix Eclipse takes to the air.

A battle between the airships takes place, with magic and projectiles being lobbed all over. Conlon warps onto their deck and kills several Sulatar before being confronted by Jevan Ssambra, who wields his flaming greatsword against the warlock. A second warlock, Adran Nailo who has been disguised to infiltrate the Sulatar, becomes involved in the fight as well, though both are cut down before long. The airships begin to crash after entering a wild magic field, and while this is occurring Jevan teleports onto the Phoenix Eclipse to attack Xulgos and Iadoes. The two eventually retreat to the ground, and Jevan recovers control of the Phoenix Eclipse, shifting it into Fernia. Soon after, with his son’s help, Conlon regains consciousness and does the same with the Sulatar airship.

Meanwhile, in the City of Brass, Vice tries to lie his way free of the efreeti, but is caught in his lies when confronted by Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan. He takes a somewhat trapped Vice with him on a magic carpet ride, and they fly just in time to see the two airships enter the plane. On Vice’s suggestion (who is unaware of events after leaving the pyramid), the Sultan blows both ships out of the sky with magic meteors. He restores consciousness to Conlon and returns his son from the dead before leaving with Vice again, bound for the Burning Palace. Conlon picks through the wreckage for a firesled to take him in the same direction. Back at the Pyramid, Iadoes and Xulgos rejoin Zil’dejin and activate the teleportation circle to teleport to its most recent destination: the City of Brass, where the Sultan’s honour guard waits to take them away.

Derli’s Pilgrimage: Derli meets a traveler on a road named Tethris. Though he looks human, his strange armour of brass suggests to derli that he is in fact a dragon. Tethris commits blasphemy against Dol Dorn repeatedly and insults Derli vehemently before insisting he go along with the dwarf, in order to watch him fail on his quest. Derli reluctantly agrees, seeing no other option.

Main Characters: Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Vice Harbringer, Adran Nailo

Secondary Character: Derli d’Kundarak

Zarantyr 8, 1001 YK.

As Xulgos and Iadoes emerge from Pata Anka, they see a bronze mithril-clad Sulatar airship on the horizon, and in the other direction, Conlon Ostrennar approaching on wyvernback with his adopted son Morgue. As Xulgos and Iadoes make for the Phoenix Eclipse, Conlon lands nearby and sends his son to act as a distraction while the Phoenix Eclipse gets airborne. Morgue manages to dodge most of the fire-cannons on the airship while liftoff is achieved.

In the air, Iadoes sends Sulatar on the deck flying by reversing gravity there, and afterwards takes command of the airship’s controls while Xulgos fires eye-rays from the deck. Conlon supports with magic as the two airships approach each other, and they begin travelling side-by-side, firing fire-blasts and magic at one another. Conlon leaps from the deck as the ships come within about sixty feet, and when he is halfway between the two teleports the rest of the way and begins killing the drow on deck.

After he has killed most of the Sulatar on their airship, the door to the control tower opens and Jevan Ssambra emerges. He draws his flaming greatsword and begins fighting Conlon. Xulgos and Iadoes attempt to support him from the other deck, but run into some difficulties as the ships hit a wild magic field. Both airships begin falling rapidly, and they are forced to focus on keeping them airborne. Meanwhile, Adran Nailo, a half-elf warlock aligned against the Sulatar but disguised as one of them appears on the deck and tries to assassinate Jevan. He is not successful, and before long is brought low along with Conlon.

While the two warlocks are unconscious on the Sulatar airship’s deck, Jevan teleports to the Phoenix Eclipse and sets about attacking Xulgos, who proves too quick to be hit by his strikes. Frustrated, Jevan turns his attention to Iadoes. Believing the situation to be too dire, Iadoes teleports out of the control room down to the ground below, and Xulgos leaps out a window. Jevan rushes to the ship’s top deck and activates the plane shifting circle, transporting it into Fernia and commandeering it for himself. Meanwhile, Conlon’s son flies to his aid, and though his wyvern dies in the process, he is able to help his adopted father to his feet. In a last-ditch effort, Conlon activates the plane shifting circle on the airship he is on as well, causing him to emerge just behind the Phoenix Eclipse.

While this is occurring, Vice attempts to lie to the efreeti who have intercepted him in the City of Brass, claiming he is a general hired by the Sultan. While he digs himself deeper into a pit of lies, the sultan of the City of Brass himself, he is approached by Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan and his honour guard. The Sultan catches Vice’s lies easily, but is vague about it, and invites Vice to “come back to the Burning Palace.” Feeling trapped, Vice agrees even as the portal back to Eberron closes behind him, and the Sultan unfurls a magic carpet. The two take to the skies in time to see the Phoenix Eclipse and the Sulatar airship emerge from the smoky air. The Sultan asks Vice what he should do with these intruders, and Vice reluctantly suggests to destroy them. The Sultan then summons a storm of meteors to knock both airships out of the sky. They then descend to the wreckage, and the Sultan restores the unconscious Conlon to full health. He offers the hexblade a choice: he will heal his son, send him back to Eberron, or tell him where to find one of his opponents for the Tournament of Blades. Conlon chooses the first option, and the Sultan revives the charred body, immediately afterwards leaving with Vice to go back towards the city. Conlon, with his son in tow, wanders towards the wreckage of the Phoenix Eclipse to pull free one of the firesleds to make his way towards the City of Brass.

Back in Menechtarun, now devoid of any airships, Iadoes and Xulgos collect Zil’dejin and enter Pata Anka again, destined for the teleportation circle. After examining it, Iadoes narrows down the most recently-used sigil sequence to three posibilities. He picks one at random, and is fortunate; the three disparate party members teleport to the same circle used by Vice a short time before. The honour guard remains there, and claims to have been “expecting them,” and asks the party to come with them.



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