The Hands that Move the World

Promise of Fire II: Marathon

Major plot points of the eleven-hour marathon session:

Zarantyr 6, 1001 YK
• Xulgos encounters the party in the desert during a trade run for the Kapaerian Vulkoori just as the sand-swimmers approach.
• The sand-swimmers are revealed to be asherati, rust-skinned humanoids who live beneath the sand. They are fleeing the “bad kind,” Sulatar who arrived unexpectedly and subjugated the thri-kreen to the northeast in their city of Thri-Kal, making this Menechtarun, a thousand-mile-wide desert in Xen’drik.
• The Collective agrees to help, but must rest the night in order to teleport back to the Eclipse Keep.
Zarantyr 7, 1001 YK

• Iadoes awakens in the Eclipse Keep’s barracks and discusses recent events with Nimozaran and Baalondorus. Baalondorus has hired a mage-slaying assassin, ex-general Vice Harbringer, to help kill Mordakhesh once and for all.
• The party still in Menechtarun uses Derli’s helmet to teleport back to the keep, where they meet with Vice and talk briefly with everyone there.
• After ordering some keep renovations, they agree to go back to Xen’drik to stop the Sulatar and their new leaders, the “Twin Flames,” from doing whatever it is they are doing.
• The Phoenix Eclipse flies to Thri-Kal, currently occupied by the Sulatar with many airships. Zil’dejin and Vice ride the griffon, Derli rides Ith, and Xulgos and Iadoes take the firesled into the city.
• The Sulatar give chase. Their firesleds are taken down, though Ith is killed after it is knocked unconscious and plummets. Derli, in an effort to teleport onto Ith’s back, inadvertently teleports to some unfamiliar location on the back of somebody else’s wyvern.
• Landed on the streets of Thri-Kal, the party talks briefly with the thri-kreen, who claim they have been enslaved to help the Sulatar search for something. Before much more can be gleaned, they all go silent and bow down.
Jhulae Ssambra comes to question the party. She summons a number of drow, and things go south quickly. A battle ensues where most of the party falls unconscious after being severely burned by a casting of meteor swarm. Ultimately, Jhulae teleports away to safety.
• The party is ushered into a hidden temple used for worship by the thri-kreen. They learn that the previous emir, who initially cooperated with the Sulatar during their arrival but eventually turned on them, is imprisoned in the highest tower in the city. He knows what the Sulatar are looking for.
• The Collective decides to spend the night in the temple.
• Meanwhile, Derli knocks the wyvern rider off the back of his mount, and tries to tame the wyvern himself but is knocked to the ground.
• Undaunted, he teleports back up to the wyvern and tries again, this time forcing it to obey him by divine will. He gains some rudimentary control over the creature and continues to follow its flight path of earlier.
• He ends up at a bizarre city unlike anything he has seen before, its walls lined with wyvern riders, giants, and the occasional dragon. Some wyvern riders like the one he knocked down fly to meet him.
• Language barriers prevent clear understanding, but Derli eventually agrees to be taken prisoner, and is brought to an unlit, eerily perfect cylindrical room. He spends the night in this cell.
Zarantyr 8, 1000 YK
• Iadoes uses magic to disguise the party as Sulatar. They repair one of the downed firesleds from yesterday and try to fly to the tower, but the recent repairs were insufficient, and the sled crashes.
• Other Sulatar come to investigate, and while they are trying to help the are murdered by Zil’dejin and Vice. The party takes the newcomers’ sled and the four of them fly to the prison tower.
• Iadoes convinces a prison guard to let him through to see the emir. He tortures the thri-kreen for a while for information, and learns that the Sulatar are looking for two parts of a spell in some old tomb and a volcano, as well as a material component in a pyramid. They also seek a second tomb, though he does not know where or why.
• The prison guard sees through Iadoes’ ruse after some time. Iadoes entombs him in ice and suffocates him to death. He frees the heavily tortured thri-kreen and turns him invisible before leaving.
• The party decides to investigate the pyramid of Pata Anka first, so they get the thri-kreen priest to be their guide and return to the airship now one firesled richer.
• They fly under the priest’s direction, and arrive at the pyramid. It has two entrances, one obviously built, the other more recently dug. They enter through the latter.
• After fighting some mummies and looting some side-chambers, including a particularly dangerous altar containing a body with a seemingly magic ring, they come to a room with a huge, smashed sarcophagus.
• Some investigation reveals a room behind a false wall of the sarcophagus, containing a pyramidal orange-red-veined Khyber shard flanked by two giant statues.
• Iadoes tries teleporting the shard out, but the spell fails. Vice goes to touch it, and falls unconscious.
• Vice has an encounter with a demonic silhouette, who promises him great power if he agrees to kill a target of the creature’s choice. Vice reluctantly agrees, and the target is revealed to be Jaela Daran.
• The statues animate, and begin attacking. The party chooses to leave, but the golems give chase, and apparently have the ability to move through the pyramid’s walls.
• While the party is engaged with the golems, a team of fire genasi hiding nearby sneak into the shard chamber and attempt to run away with it. Vice pursues them.
• The rest of the party escapes, and Vice is successful in killing some of the genasi, but they are able to haul the shard to the teleportation circle: the one area of the pyramid not warded against teleportation spells. Their leader opens a gate to the City of Brass in Fernia, and they carry they shard in.
• Vice decides to follow, where he is apprehended by efreeti accusing him of interfering with “the sultan’s men.”
• Meanwhile, outside the pyramid, the party sees Sulatar airships approaching on the horizon.
• On Argonnessen, an unarmed Derli is brought blindfolded to the chamber of the ancient blue wyrm Urkandris.
• Urkandris discovers Derli came here accidentally, but is looking for the Shield of Dol Dorn that he believes can be found on a mountain here, called the “Face of Eberron.”
• The blue dragon presents Derli with a choice: he gives the dwarf back everything he arrived with save his helmet and sends him back home, or he deposits all of Derli’s equipment, helmet included, in the Face of Eberron, and sets Derli outside the walls of Io’Lokar. Derli chooses the latter.
• Urkandris offers any one item of Derli’s choice to be his only equipment on the pilgrimage, but Derli refuses. He is deposited outside and told that Urkandris hopes he fails.
• As he travels, he comes into the middle of a fight between a silver and a red dragon. He continues past it, circumventing it carefully, though is hit by some cold breath before he gets away.
• A wandering gold dragon tries to get Derli to make a wager. If the dwarf loses, he dies, but if he wins, he gains one of the gold dragon’s hoards. Derli refuses, and continues on.
• Derli also meets with Prax, a young silver dragon who fanatically worships Doloth’andorn, the draconic perception of Dol Dorn. He asks Derli if he can follow the dwarf on his quest, and Derli reluctantly agrees.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Iadoes Lunaformer, Vice Harbringer



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