The Hands that Move the World

Promise of Fire I: Misstep

Zarantyr 2, 1001 YK

Just after the dawn of the new year, the Eclipse Collective, now including Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle, is approached by Nimozaran in their castle in Grey Titan’s Hold. Nimozaran brings news from their Grand Diplomat. It seems Breland’s parliament is trying to dissolve the monarchy, and that one of its representatives wants to speak to the party alongside Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn. The meeting is tentatively set for Zarantyr 6.

Zarantyr 6, 1001 YK

On the day of the meeting, the party is still in Grey Titan’s Hold. Iadoes creates a teleportation circle for them after Nimozaran tells him the sigil sequence to the one in the Eclipse Keep, and the party is transported to the keep’s auditorium. They are ushered into the library, where they meet Minister Nelview of the Brelish Parliament, and Zil’dejin and Derli are reacquainted with Prince Oargev. Talks begin, where New Cyre and Breland both try to lay claim to Grey Titan’s Hold. Oargev offers to buy it, with the clearstone schematic, at a very high price. Zil’dejin refuses.

Talks continue in circles until a huge crash is heard from the auditorium. Iadoes cloaks Namfoodle with invisibility, and the gnome goes to investigate. The ceiling has been destroyed, and the vault exposed, its door melted. A half-fiend red dragon lurks within, and Mordakhesh the Shadowsword climbs down off its back to collect the two Khyber shards there. The party rushes in and Derli challenges Mordakhesh, allowing combat to break out. Just before it does, though, the famous halfling singer Tandi Warmmantle appears on the teleportation circle, evidently the result of a portal mishap. He is pulled into the fighting.

Namfoodle’s quick stunning strikes, along with Iadoes’ hasting magic, Tandi’s arcane song and Zil’dejin’s and Derli’s powerful attacks make surprisingly short work of Mordakhesh, though his apparent death unleashes a torrent of fire that proves painful for the party (except for the Badger). Meanwhile, the half-fiend dragon, called Tavarthax the Desecrated by Mordakhesh, emerges from the vault and rends Iadoes, who is brought down after a final slap of the ancient dragon’s tail. The party attempts to engage the dragon, but finds it to be more than a match for them. Desperate, Derli uses his helm of teleportation to remove himself from the fray, along with Zil’dejin, Badger, and the unconscious Tandi, and return to Grey Titan’s Hold.

However, there is an error in the teleportation, resulting in their dislocation, arriving nine thousand miles from their destination. The four appear in a scorching desert with no terrain features or buildings anywhere in sight, and Tandi, the only one now capable of teleportation, is unconscious. Meanwhile, Iadoes awakens in the barracks of the Eclipse Keep, alive but injured. The Khyber shards are gone, and the dragon nowhere to be seen.

Back in the desert, the party hears shifting in the otherwise-still sand, and turn to see movement towards them, as if something were swimming through the sand…

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Iadoes Lunaformer, Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle, Tandi Warmmantle



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