The Hands that Move the World

Ordinance I: Tablet of Censure

Dravago 7, 1002 YK

After defeating the atropal Suhnen, the Second Empty King, the party leaves Icegaunt Island to deal with the tzitzimitls: the six “angels of decay” of the atropal that are attacking cities in Khorvaire. They go first to Fairhaven, where they assist the Aundairian military in killing one of the tzitzimitls against the wishes of Adal ir’Wynarn, leading to diplomatic tensions. They then go to Flamekeep where the exorcists and Knights Militant of the Silver Flame seem to have things in hand, but they drop off Coref Irvallo to help in the fighting on his request. Last, they go to Korth, where they assist King Kaius ir’Wynarn III in fighting the tzitzimitl attacking his castle of Crownhome. The Twelve and the Blood of Vol bind the remaining tzitzimitl while the party argues over Derli’s execution oath to Kaius. Derli’s life is spared in exchange for a political betrothal between Zil’dejin’s daughter Erin and Kaius’ son, Kaius IV.

Kaius also mentions a visit from the Prime Jester, in which he was asked about Winterhaven. Kaleth, Rilic, and Indicus go after him in Winterhaven. Indicus arrives first due to his ghostwalker powers, and has an odd conversation with the Jester, where he learns that the Jester has taken the bodies of Mikhal Thanesman and Typhus Phendrakken for unknown reasons. The Jester is gone by the time the others arrive. The party returns to Grey Titan’s Hold.

Dravago 8 – 28, 1002 YK

The party meets with Merrix d’Cannith and commissions from House Cannith some magical item augments and a set of rings, to be created with the Equilibrius (the new name for the device built around the Chains of Balance). Baalondorus returns, bringing back the Rage Shard he was experimenting with and revealing that another one is to be found in Shavarath. The party learns about an uprising in Karrnath, claiming to represent the “Kingdom of Odakyr” and an unknown monarch, and that the undead of Karrnath are beginning to fail as necromancy weakens.

Rilic is visited by Saal Perryn, from whom he steals the second volume of Albard Balendal’s journal, which reveals that the Wand of Wonder was found and is now probably in the Astral Plane. It also suggests the item is somewhat chaotic, and Albard was looking for a way to control it. Mishva pushes hard into Valenar to get her son back, resulting in some extremely bloody skirmishes. Aundair and Thrane ready for battle over Thaliost again, but the city is now attempting to declare independence under a new leader, Barnus Firehope.

Nymm 1, 1002 YK

The party meets about preparing to face the inevitables. They split into two groups: one group goes to Zoronor, offered up by Last Echo, to prepare a physical defense, while the other — mostly the party’s mages — goes to Kythri to prepare to launch a breach into Daanvi to give the inevitables something else to worry about.

Nymm 7, 1002 YK

The Tablet of Censure falls on the palace in Grey Titan’s Hold, destroying it and announcing to all the transgressions of the Eclipse Collective in the eyes of the inevitables. This marks the beginning of their assault.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani, Derli d’Kundarak, Rilic Balendal, Kaleth, Indicus

Dravago 7, 1002 YK

The Eclipse Collective emerges from the portal to White Mountain on Icegaunt Island, battered but all still alive. After boarding the Phoenix Eclipse, they discuss the need to react quickly to the tzitzimitls that are still attacking Fairhaven, Flamekeep, and Korth. They decide to help fight those as well, and despite their injuries, tell Frances d’Lyrandar to take them on a course to Flamekeep over Fairhaven. They take some time to bandage and breathe on their way.

In Fairhaven, they see a clear-cut path of destruction where the first pair of tzitzimitls entered the city. Two large, roughly-circular areas of the city have been more or less levelled, with one encompassed in a dome of force being sustained by a large number of Aundairian mages. The other appears to have had the same until a few minutes before the party’s arrival, and the circle is littered with Aundairian corpses. At its center lies the first tzitzimitl, defeated by the soldiers. Just outside of the still-active force dome, where the battle still rages against the remaining tzitzimitl, Adal ir’Wynarn sits astride a white horse in a triage area, watching the carnage.

The Phoenix Eclipse lands in a clear spot in the open circle, and the party — except for Zil’dejin, Indicus, and Conlon — disembarks. They make their way over to the triage, where they speak with Adal. Derli demands to be let inside to aid in the fight against the tzitzimitl. As Adal turns to them, several of the men holding the barrier together are killed by a sweeping eye-ray, and others rush to fill in the gaps. He frowns, and shakes his head, explaining that this matter is an Aundairian one. As First Warlord of Aundair, he can’t be seen letting this crisis fall into the hands of foreigners, lest the Aundairian military look weak by comparison. Derli throws him off his horse and slams his face into the wall of force, threatening him. Adal refuses to cave to the pressure, though he is obviously afraid. Seeing no other recourse now, Kaleth and his newly-summoned clone disintegrate a small hole in the wall, allowing them to pass inside.

When the hole is repaired, the heavily-injured an deeply exhausted Zil’dejin makes his way over to speak with Adal. While the two of them watch the battle unfold within the barrier, Adal warns Zil’dejin that the offense given to him could become a significant diplomatic incident. Zil’dejin apologizes, but Adal will accept apologies only from Derli and Kaleth. Meanwhile, inside the dome of force, the other party members manage to finish off the tzitzimitl, even despite its ability to turn Derli’s holy smites into a burst of dark power. Lucan delivers the final blow, cleaving through the middle of the creature with psionic force.

Seeing that the tzitzimitl is dead, the mages lower the force barrier. The party gathers up around Adal again, who awaits an apology from Kaleth and Derli. Kaleth offers one, but Derli adamantly refuses, berating Adal for not commanding from the sidelines instead of being directly involved in the fighting. Zil’dejin and Kaleth urge him to apologize, but he continues to refuse. Lucan approaches Adal during the argument, and demands that Adal thank him for killing the tzitzimitl. Adal is outraged and will not offer any thanks, so Lucan drives a mailed fist into Adal’s face, sending him spinning to the ground.

Zil’dejin apologizes again as he urges the rest of the party back to the airship, but Adal is no longer listening. He tells Zil’dejin that he will no longer be willing to offer the aid of the Arcane Congress to Eros, and that his sister — Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn — will hear of what has happened.

Back on the airship, the party flies towards Flamekeep. A heated debate breaks out on deck between Zil’dejin and Derli over the need to be diplomatic, because they represent a kingdom now, and — whether he likes it or not — they need to treat important representatives of other, larger kingdoms with respect. Derli refuses to respect anybody who does not show respect for his troops. Kaleth tries to stop the argument to little avail, which proceeds until they reach Flamekeep.

The situation in Flamekeep is much better than it was in Aundair. The first tzitzimitl was felled before it reached the city, its body a burned and arrow-ridden husk about a mile out from Flamekeep. The other is just outside the walls, but the Knights Militant and the exorcists of the Silver Flame seem to be holding their ground. Archer militias line the walls, launching precise volleys of arrows under command of the knights while the footmen attack from up close and the exorcists burn it with silver fire. Feeling that the matter is well within Thrane’s hands at this point, the party decides to move on to Korth. Before they leave, Coref Irvallo asks to be set down among the fighting to help his brothers in the Silver Flame. The party complies and lets him off before departing.

It is nighttime when the party reaches Korth, and the capital of Karrnath is much worse off than Fairhaven or Flamekeep. Both tzitzimitls are still standing and attacking the city. One is caught up near Wollvern Park, engaged in combat with the Blood of Vol and mages of the Twelve. The other has reached the castle of Crownhome and destroyed much of the structure, as well as most of its soldiers. King Kaius ir’Wynarn III remains in the central courtyard with an honour guard, fighting to the last. The party decides to aid him, and though Derli protests, he joins them as they disembark and charge into the fray. They damage it severely on their approach, but don’t quite kill it, allowing Kaius himself to finish it off, decapitating it with his greatsword.

The Collective speaks with Kaius, informing him that they are about to go help against the other tzitzimitl, but Kaius asks that they do not, because he gave his word to the parties involved that he would not have his men interfere with what they are doing. While the sound of magic and battle rages on near Wollvern Park, Kaius talks sternly to Derli, who has, up until now, managed to evade Karrnath and the promise he made with his blood to return and face execution at Kaius’ hands. On his honour, Derli wishes to face Kaius’ justice, but Zil’dejin attempts to bargain on his behalf.

Zil’dejin first offers a northeastern piece of the Mournland, which Kaius quickly refuses — he already holds a fort there, which is why Eros has not been able to lay clearstones in that area. Kaius counters by asking for the Rod of Order, having learned from Eilian the Old‘s witness in Winterhaven that the party recovered it from the crippled hand of Mellifleur. The party is quick to refuse him this, despite Kaius’ claim that it was the property of his ancestor. Finally, they reach some terms that Kaius is happy with: a betrothal for a political marriage between Zil’dejin’s daughter Erin and Kaius’ son, Kaius IV. All children born to the union will be of the House of Wynarn, and Kaius hopes that the strange power said to run in Zil’dejin’s half-dragonborn offspring will be strengthened by his own noble lineage, producing powerful offspring.

Zil’dejin agrees, though feels remorse for bargaining away his daughter’s hand in marriage. Kaius tells him that House Sivis will draft the contracts and take care of the procedures as appropriate. As they finish talks on the matter, the sounds of fighting die down. Zil’dejin comments that it sounds like the Blood of Vol and the Twelve managed to slay the tzitzimitl; Kaius responds that he hopes that they did not. Soon, several mages of the Twelve and priests of the Blood of Vol ride up, in formation around the tzitzimitl, heavily injured and bound in chains. Kaius smiles, and waves them off.

Before the party leaves, he comments on Kaleth — whom he believes to be Rilic’s apprentice — and mentions how he is wearing robes similar to those of a visitor he had only a couple of days ago. The visitor is quickly identified as the Prime Jester, who made some sort of arrangement with Kaius regarding the keep at Winterhaven, mentioning something about “well testing.” Furious, Kaleth teleports himself, Indicus, and Rilic to Winterhaven, while the others get back on the airship and decide to fly there instead.

In Winterhaven, the people are obviously terrified as the three mythic heroes arrive in the middle of town. It is market day, so Kaleth asks a merchant for a carrot, and receives one from the trembling farmer free of charge. As none of the party members present have ever been to Shadowfell Keep before, they ask for directions and are given them. They start making their way out of town when they are stopped by Lord Padraig, who has apparently returned to his post as mayor despite resigning shortly after Thair Coalstriker’s escape from the town jail.

Padraig knows who they are, and wants to know what they are up to. He knows he is powerless to stop them, but asks anyway, concerned for the townspeople since Zil’dejin throttled “Ol’ Scooter” — a name he has been given following the back problems Zil’dejin gave to him. They are upfront with Padraig, who lets them pass. Indicus phases into shadow and outpaces the party by a great deal, arriving at the Keep well in advance of the others. Here, he meets the Prime Jester, who was apparently awaiting his arrival.

Indicus asks what he has been up to, and the Jester has him guess. He guesses that he was pulling bodies out of the well on the lower level. The Jester confirms this, and Indicus also guesses that he is up to something sinister. This is correct as well, and the Jester offers him one more guess as to what he’s up to specifically. Indicus guesses that he’s planning on reviving them, but this guess is apparently wrong. Indicus grabs the Prime Jester, but he uses a time stop spell to escape, leaving Indicus alone. Kaleth arrives shortly after this, despite his best attempts to cover the distance with magic. He is infuriated again, and yells at Indicus for not stalling the Jester, retrieving the bodies, or finding out what he’s up to.

Not long after, the Phoenix Eclipse lands nearby, and they gather up Kaleth, Indicus, and Rilic before heading back to Eros.

Dravago 8, 1002 YK

The next day, the party convenes in the throne room of the Eclipse Keep to discuss the upcoming problem of the inevitables who are arriving in less than a month. Nimozaran the Green suggests that the war may be ultimately unwinnable — the strength of the inevitables is implicit in their name. As a suggestion, he offers finding a way to make use of the Rod of Order or the Chaos Gear, which may be more effective against the inevitables than most creatures due to their inherently lawful nature. Kaleth considers using it to make a weapon of some sort, but the party bypasses this idea for now, as Conlon has gone to Argonnessen and they are worried about the risks anyway. The Chains of Balance are brought up, and Nimozaran reminds the Collective that the Chains are currently in the hands of House Cannith — specifically, Merrix d’Cannith, who used them to build the “Balance Engine.” The party decides to speak with him in Wroat, and so exit the Eclipse Keep into Breland, and ride in on horseback/Rumhamback.

They visit the Cannith compound. Derli does not join the party at first, instead going elsewhere in Wroat, which is still very much in recovery from the Brelish Civil War. Despite this, the House Cannith compound is still immaculate, and Merrix d’Cannith seems in good spirits when he greets the party. He tells them they have gone for a more marketable name with their upgrades and revisions to the Balance Engine: it is now called the “Equilibrius,” and is so large it can no longer be moved anywhere. It is located in a remote location some distance away from Wroat, and apparently has been an unprecedented boon to House Cannith operaitons.

Merrix is adamant about keeping the Chains of Balance with the Equilibrius, but because he feels he owes the party for getting him the Chains in the first place (indirectly), he offers to use it to construct something for them. He explains a bit about its operation, and how it is incapable of creating, just transmuting. It is capable of manufacturing magical items with the use of residuum, obtained from the breaking down of other magical items, which is also a capability of the device. Magical items of any significant power are difficult to produce, and they are not able to produce specific enchantments yet, because, as Merrix admits, they don’t fully understand how it works yet.

Still, they are capable of augmenting existing items and of crafting new ones to an extent, provided they have input. For this, the party provides him with an assortment of magical items they are not using, so that he can consolidate them into new items or use them to augment existing ones. The party gives away a number of items, mostly things that they don’t want to use anymore. Most items given are pooled together to be made into a set of equally-powerful rings; Zil’dejin also puts in his Golden Crown of Battle Command to be recreated using his old Horned Helm.

After putting the items in a vault to await transport to wherever the Equilibrius is, the party thanks Merrix and leaves to return to the Eclipse Keep.

Dravago 10, 1002 YK

Baalondorus returns to the Eclipse Keep from Argonnessen with the Rage Shard the party acquired from Illandyano. He has acquired a number of scars from a battle with Tavarthax the Desecrated, and claims that his experiments on the Shard were only a “partial success”. Apparently, he was attempting to use the Rage Shards to find more of its kind. The magic he used was unstable and extremely dangerous, and only capable of finding activated Shards, but before abandoning it he did learn the location of one other Rage Shard: in the plane of Shavarath, the Battleground, where it is a constant point of contest between the devils, demons, and archons. The Shard is activated, likely due to the constant warring over it, and Baalondorus also believes it is being used to hold something in place, similar to the one found in Zenzatun. He announces to the party that he will be staying in Grey Titan’s Hold for the near future.

Dravago 11, 1002 YK

Saal Perryn shows up in Rilic’s office and slams the second volume of Albard’s journal down on the desk. Now that they are away from the public, he is direct: he tells Rilic that he knows that he is a fraud, and that he will expose him for what he is. He knows the truth is in the book, and it is just a matter of time before he uncovers it. He offers to keep the secret to himself if Rilic steps down and abdicates his office to Saal instead. Rilic goes off on a long-winded, elaborate lie, detailing how Jovi ir’Kade saw Rilic’s great potential, and how great a mage he is. While he is talking, he swaps out the journal for a signed copy of the sixth installment of his autobiography. Rilic’s mythic ability to lie confuses Saal, and he ends up taking the autographed book without looking at it and leaving Rilic behind with the actual journal.

The second volume of Albard’s journal explains how he found the Wand of Wonder in Xen’drik, but lost it shortly after to teh wand’s own powers when it ejected itself into the Astral Plane. To gain more control over the item, his last entry declares his intent to speak with House Phiarlan, believed to have owned the wand previously.

Dravago 16, 1002 YK

News of Mishva Garodya Stormhorn’s war against Valenar reaches Eros. The entire army is pushing hard southwest towards the capital of Taer Valaestas, and have engaged in numerous battles against the elves. Evidently, several messengers were sent by Mishva, but every one of them was killed by elves. Evidently, Mishva is seeking to attack Taer Valaestas to reclaim her son. Though some of the Magebred Lords are still held captive there, Mishva has little care for their lives and is only interested in rescuing her child.

Dravago 20, 1002 YK

Gnome representatives of House Sivis arrive at the Eclipse Keep with the betrothal papers for Zil’dejin to sign. They also bring with them some news from Karrnath: some sort of rebellion has started in the wake of the devestation caused by the tzitzimitls. A few of the warlords in southeast Karrnath, including the lord of Vulyar, have gathered under the black-and-gold banner of some unknown rebel, claiming to be building the “Kingdom of Odakyr,” named after the region in the south of Karrnath/north of Talenta Plains, over half of which has been made a wasteland by overuse of necromancy. The rebels have made a few attempts at attacking Fort Bones, one of the most prominent of Karrnath’s forts, and some worry that the undead armies are beginning to fail and will not be able to protect the fortress.

Dravago 24, 1002 YK

Word reaches Eros from Lucan’s old contact Pethin d’Medani in Thaliost that Adal ir’Wynarn is preparing to march on the city again. Thrane is getting ready to mount a response, and are moving troops north, but the gates are about to shut down — Barnus Firehope is pushing for the city’s independence from Thrane and Aundair both, claiming that the city’s culture has become something different than either and that its people are sick of the constant fighting. According to rumours, Barnus has been blessed by the Silver Flame, and has been given divine powers that he has conferred on his elite followers. Pethin has fled the city before the closure of the gates and is residing in Thrane, and believes that a three-way battle is soon to break out between Aundair, Thrane, and the so-called “Thalian State”.

Dravago 28, 1002 YK

Zil’dejin watches during his dreamless sleep as the ever-present, perpetually-silent ghost of Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn gains the Mark of Poison. Zil’dejin loses it at the same time.

Nymm 1, 1002 YK

In another meeting, new suggestions about preparation against the inevitables are made. Zil’dejin reasons that the inevitables are after the Collective specifically rather than their kingdom, and proposes that they move the fight elsewhere. Zil’dejin suggests that they take the fight to Shavarath, the plane of battle, and somewhere fortified where they can make what may be their last stand would be best. Last Echo, the bladeling emissary from the followers of the titan Komios, offers up the city of Zoronor on behalf of his people, and hints that the Adamantine Fortress of Komios may even be available to them if Komios sees fit to offer its use. Coref Irvallo recommends they create some sort of large-scale distraction for the inevitables, such as opening a rift to Kythri — the plane of chaos — inside the inevitables’ home plane of Daanvi. The Eclipse Collective decides to pursue both courses of action. Zil’dejin makes plans to lead some of the party members to Zoronor to prepare the defenses, while Kaleth prepares to go to Kythri to prepare Coref’s rift plan.

Nymm 7, 1002 YK

Exactly one month after the kolyarut told the party of the coming of the inevitables, a large crowd gathers outside the palace in Grey Titan’s Hold. They are staring up at the sky where a bright star has appeared, despite it being mid-day, and Gummy Joe is preaching that it is a sign from Iadoes Lunaformer for the Cult of Lharvion. As some of the party members join the crowd in looking up, they realize that it is growing larger. Some sort of burning object is descending from the sky. They order the people to clear out, and Zil’dejin, Derli, and Indicus rush inside the palace to clear out everyone who is currently inside. They barely make it out in time as the object crashes into the palace, exploding with a force that levels it, leaving behind a huge crater.

The fallen object is a cube of smooth, dark stone, which appears to be completely immovable. The cube is inscribed with orderly, luminous writing, readable by speakers of all languages, which lists all of the Eclipse Collective’s transgressions in the eyes of the inevitables — or at least all transgressions known to them. The offenses are separated into five categories:

  • Circumvention of Death
  • Breaking of Oaths
  • Evasion of Justice
  • Distortion of Time and Space
  • Violation of Planar Integrity

Nearly every current and former member of the Eclipse Collective, living and dead, is represented somewhere on the Tablet of Censure. Many trangressions are categorized as offenses commited by the entirety of the Collective. The offenses are numerous, covering an entire face of the cube and repeated on every side. With the arrival of the Tablet of Censure is an intuitive sense in everyone who witnesses it: the inevitables are coming.



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