The Hands that Move the World

Mror Holds IV: Goradra Gap — Fall In

Zarantyr 25, 1000 YK

The party meets with Derli in Kol Korran’s Throne. He has been in Korunda Gate – the Hearthwarden of Hearthwardens, Jakela Tuvodni, has strengthened his dragonmark, making it into a Greater Mark of Warding. He has also been charged with protecting Vault Zero, confirming its existence. The group decides not to seek the Devilslayer in Frostmantle at this point in time, and instead chooses to retire for the night. On their way out of the temple, they are stopped by Morrikan d’Kundarak.

Morrikan asks Derli to bring him the contents of Vault Zero to settle the present matter. Suspecting something is off about his behaviour, they pull him into his apartment and interrogate him, discovering he has made some sort of deal with Clan Raldarak for protection. He carries a ring with a Khyber shard, a “token of the transaction.” Still suspicious but deeming him harmless, the party leaves and visits the Fattest Lady.

Here, a stranger drops a map at their table, signifying a location on the edge of Goradra Gap with a date, a time, and the initials “D.S.” Tam’elanath follows the stranger into a blind alley, where a portal is opened to a strange, metal tower, presumably on another plane. Confronting the stranger reveals he cannot speak, and he lets Tam’elanath go back to Krona Peak. The party concludes the stranger is the Devilslayer, and rests the night at the airship (with the exception of Tam’elanath, who sleeps at the Swinging Pendulums and has an engaging night with Nysthera d’Thuranni).

Zarantyr 26, 1000 YK

At the Iron Council meeting the following morning, two previously-neutral clans on the matter of Raldarak, Toldorath and Tordannon, change their votes to be in favour of Raldarak’s legitimacy, nullifying the loss of Durnnam and passing the motion. The presentation of the real Durnnam’s body puts the party into suspicion. Mroranon, Laranak and Soranath announce they will not accept the Council’s decision regardless, and refuse to acknowledge Raldarak’s legitimacy.

Desperate to stop the matter at its source, the party makes for Goradra Gap, Raldarak’s “hold.” When they approach, the airship is attacked by two massive demons, called glabrezu. After doing significant damage to the airship and nearly killing everyone aboard, the party fights them back and takes Zil’dejin’s griffon and Derli’s wyvern (with Tam’elanath) to the abandoned Droranath mining outpost. Here, they meet with the Devilslayer, who mounts the griffon, and the four descend into the chasm, fighting off spined devils and later their larger kin.

Per their plan, they part ways on an ancient dwarven bridge. The Devilslayer goes west, heading for the construction site of something called the “black pyramid.” The party goes east, entering the ruined dwarven city. After pushing through numerous devils and demons, they are barred by a ring of fire and approached by Raldarak’s High Warlock, an attractive tiefling woman named Reverence. She brings them to Raldar, who attempts to persuade the Collective to his way of thinking. He reveals that he has formed pacts with demons and devils both, granting great power while both binding those malevolent forces and nullifying their negative effects by pitting them against one another.

Experience Gained: 6800 XP (all from combat)

Main Characters: Tam’elanath Edroin d’Thuranni, Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Derli d’Kundarak, Conlon Ostrennar



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