The Hands that Move the World

Mror Holds II: Magic Bullet Theory

Zarantyr 24, 1000 YK

The party meets with Torlan Mroranon, Clan Mroranon’s patriarch, in his apartment on the seventh floor of Kol Korran’s Throne. There, they interrogate one of the Raldarak dwarves, who is then executed by Conlon on Torlan’s carpet. The party is invited to speak at the Iron Council meeting in the coming day.

The party leaves for the Fattest Lady Inn and Tavern, where they are approached by Nysthera d’Thuranni. She seeks to recruit Tam’elanath into House Thuranni in the wake of his exile from House Phiarlan. He is eager to do so, but first must prove himself by slaying Turanank Laranak, one of the Iron Councillors to march in during the traditional parade the next morning. He agrees, and departs for an abandoned house-tower along the parade route, setting up to shoot from there. Nysthera also hires Xulgos as a “second shooter” for liability purposes, to which he grudgingly agrees in exchange for substantial pay. He too finds a place to hide, a rooftop also along the parade route.

The rest of the party shares drinks at the Fattest Lady and rests the night on board the Phoenix Eclipse.

Zarantyr 25, 1000 YK

The parade begins. Derli and Conlon take the firesled to the gates of Krona Peak in an attempt to dissuade Turanank from proceeding, but are intercepted by Nysthera and Annaka Londurak, who is implied to have hired Thuranni for this. They persuade Derli and Conlon to back down, and let the assassination proceed. As Turanank approaches Kol Korran’s Throne, he is shot by Tam’elanath and Xulgos. Zil’dejin causes a disruption by running Rumham through the crowd.

Xulgos climbs down from the roof and blends into the crowd. Tam’elanath hides on the first floor of the tower, using the power of his Mark of Shadow to disguise himself as a dwarf when Clan Laranak shieldguards break down the door. With everyone having escaped, the party regroups at the temple, where the Iron Council meeting is proceeding with Turanank’s named successor Othark. The Council debates legitimizing Raldarak as an official clan, which results in a tie vote. Three clans abstain from voting.

Meanwhile, Tam’elanath is absent from the meeting. He is investigating another matter for his new House: the contents of the possibly-nonexistent “Vault Zero.” A Phiarlan operative is in the city, investigating the same thing. His name is Three-Eyes, and Tam’elanath has already inadvertently discovered his safehouse. While attempting to break in again, Three-Eyes arrives, and Tam’elanath slays him. He locates on the elf’s body a Phiarlan eye amulet, a magical device allowing somebody else to see through the eyes of the wearer. He reports his findings to Nysthera at the Thuranni safehouse, the Swinging Pendulums brothel.

After the meeting, Torlan suggests investigating Droranathhold, citing their patriarch Durnnam’s support of Raldarak as “troubling and unusual” and “in spite of his usual xenophobic nature.” The party agrees, and flies the Phoenix Eclipse to the hold, finding it surprisingly unguarded. When they enter its underground halls, they find it largely in shambles with many makeshift wood structures set up. Strange, demonic orcs are seen shouting at and dismembering a group of dwarves, before turning towards the Eclipse Collective.

Experience Gained:

Main Characters: Tam’elanath Edroin d’Thuranni, Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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