The Hands that Move the World

Mror Holds I: Tam'elanath's Return

Zarantyr 22, 1000 YK

A wanderer arrives at Eclipse Keep, bedraggled and carrying a load of wooden bows, claiming to be a trader. The gate guards and Nimozaran are all confused by this, as they have never before had a travelling merchant visit the keep. The wanderer is allowed in without escort. He runs into Coref Irvallo, who purchases the bows for Titan’s Aegis. Coref gets Zil’dejin from the throne room to meet the wanderer, and Zil’dejin recognizes him as Tam’elanath, one of the founding members of the Eclipse Collective.

Tam’elanath claims to have been ejected from House Phiarlan, and is quickly welcomed back into the fold. He joins the party for a feast, while they discuss further construction plans with Nimozaran, planning to restore the keep’s four corner towers and add another one to the center.

Zarantyr 23, 1000 YK

The next morning, the party meets with House Cannith, who have restored their airship. They travel to Wroat and depart for Krona Peak. Conlon attempts to use the ship’s inbuilt abilities to take a shortcut through Fernia. Unfamiliar with the ritual, he makes an error, and they are knocked off-course in the Sea of Fire. Red-skinned warriors on birds of fire assault their ship, and the party mans the ship’s weapons, fending most of the creatures off. One is able to land on the ship, and Derli tackles him off. Tam’elanath attempts to rescue him as he falls, but fails, and Zil’dejin rushes to the cargo hold to help Derli’s wyvern, Ith, reach him to save him. With everyone returned to the ship, Conlon takes over the controls and navigates the ship back to safety.

Zarantyr 24, 1000 YK

The Phoenix Eclipse arrives in Krona Peak, and the party docks at the central airship tower. Zil’dejin, Derli, and Tam’elanath visit the Fattest Lady, a tavern, for a drink and information. They set about seeking information on the “thirteenth clan,” and discover its name: Raldarak. They also learn that the Iron Council is soon to convene on the matter, and Morrikan d’Kundarak will be allowed not only to attend, but to speak.

Conlon, Xulgos and Derli go to the massive temple in the city, Kol Korran’s Throne, which also contains the Iron Council chambers. Here, Derli runs into Blaurath d’Kundarak who attempts to get Derli’s stolen artifact back. Blaurath leaves without a fight. Meanwhile, Zil’dejin investigates the Ferric Walk, the Clan Mroranon estate district. He persuades a guard into telling him about the clan’s leader, Torlan “Redeye” Mroranon, and how he is currently staying in the temple, as he always does before a meeting of the Iron Council. Zil’dejin then goes to Kol Korran’s Throne.

At the same time Tam’elanath discovers something has been slipped into his pocket: a seemingly blank piece of paper, very faintly watermarked with a drawing of the Mark of Shadow. He searches part of the city and finds what appears to be a safehouse of some kind, attuned to his dragonmark. He finds fragments of a burned letter, mentioning “the contents of Vault Zero.” Finding nothing further, he heads towards the temple to join the others.

At the temple, a group of dwarves with familiar orange-red marks on their skin are agitating a crowd of normal-looking dwarves, claiming to be the “true heirs of the Holds.” The party interferes and the matter escalates, causing a number of the marked dwarves to charge into the crowd and explode. The other, non-marked dwarves then back off, and the party fights the potentially explosive dwarves.

At the end of the battle, the crowd parts ways as a dwarf with a crown, and one eye replaced by a ruby, steps up to them.

Experience Gained: 2200 (from mini-combat)

Main Characters: Tam’elanath Edroin d’Thuranni, Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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