The Hands that Move the World

Mournland V: Clifftop

Barrakas 23, 999 YK

Stahlstrauss and Marlamin Tarmikos arrive in the Fourth Palace, having spent the previous day wading through Metrol to reunite with the Eclipse Collective. Stahlstrauss has also been relieved of his fire curse, but the price was different than Zil’dejin’s: he has been severely burned in the process and reassembled into a warped but stronger form. Marlamin has been seeking a powerful angel to complete a ritual to cure the affliction of the Touch of Corruption.

After being caught up on the situation, the six of them leave for the Second Palace to confront Donata about Zil’dejin’s corpse and its whereabouts. Here, Donata is accompanied by Ikar the Black who is revealed to be loyal to her cause. She says that she has sold Zil’dejin’s body for a high price, but won’t say to whom. Stahlstrauss and Marlamin intimidate her with harsh words, and she then retreats through a secret passage beneath her throne and leaves Ikar and his salvage crew to fight the party. They fend them off and descend through the passage.

They follow rough tunnels to a well-made underground structure, which they identify as the secret magical laboratory Clifftop, once belonging to House Vadalis before the Day of Mourning. They catch the Magebred Lord of Earth unawares, steal his fortune stone, and interrogate him. With this information, they find Donata’s chambers, hidden behind a testing room guarded by Davros Elden, the Magebred Lord of Flame, and an assortment of lesser magebred creatures. They fight and defeat him, and prepare to enter Donata’s room.

Experience obtained: 2182 XP (1482 from combat, 700 from skill challenge)

Main Characters: Stahlstrauss, Garmeth Shitorai, Zan-kyri, Marlamin Tarmikos, Xulgos Adinimys, Derli d’Kundarak



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