The Hands that Move the World

Kapaerian Island XI: Departure from Kapaerian Island

Sypheros 18, 999 YK.

Dreamheart now in hand, the party agrees no one person or small faction should have the Dreamheart, and after much deliberation settle on giving it to the Church of the Silver Flame. Leaving the chamber, they are suddenly surrounded by Voraqael Xel’zoratha and his Umbragen drow, emerging from the shadows. Conlon tries an elaborate lie, hoping to lead the Umbragen away by telling them the stone is elsewhere while Xulgos takes it away discreetly, but they are caught when trying to pass off the Dreamheart. Zil’dejin approaches the situation diplomatically, and all is settled, more or less. Before the Umbragen leave, they mention they are locked in an ongoing war with a Daelkyr sealed near their home; they had hoped to bargain with the aboleths to help them fight. Zil’dejin promises he will help them at some point in the future.

Sypheros 19, 999 YK.

Once out of the ruins, they choose to take a route along the west side of the island to avoid the Ashnazga Githyanki and the Wayfinder Foundation. Xulgos scouts ahead and finds a route that is mostly safe, but takes them through the Vulkoori camp. They go this way but are stopped by the Vulkoori, and taken to their matriarch, Ilivarra, who has heard of Xulgos and wants proof that he is the prophet called the Eye of Vulkoor. The party provides a very convincing demonstration, and Matriarch Ilivarra is prepared to let them go when a githyanki raid begins. After Xulgos promises his return to banish the githyanki from the island forever, the Collective helps the Vulkoori escape while fighting off the many githyanki alone, through a combination of tactical fires, ambushes, illusions, and raw intimidation tactics where Conlon tried to eat a gith’s heart.

Sypheros 22, 999 YK.

They return to the pilgrim’s camp, where Theoban Flamerule thanks the party for their service, takes Mikhal Thanesman’s holy symbol back at last, and gives Zil’dejin a belt once belonging to a famed Knight Militant. They board the Lyrandar elemental galleon to finally return to Khorvaire.

Sypheros 25, 999 YK.

Rather than taking them back to Trolanport, the party discovers the chartered ship was actually intended to take them as close to the Eclipse Keep as possible on their return. The ship goes as far into the Dagger River as it is able to and drops them off. Back in the keep, they meet with their steward, Nimozaran the Green, and begin new construction on the keep, including a harbour for a proposed trading venture out of the keep to be jointly operated by Zil’dejin and Xulgos. Conlon begins some elementary wizard training to harness his powers under Nimozaran, and Coref is accepted into the Titan’s Aegis. They spend three days in the keep before moving on to finally deliver the Dreamheart to Flamekeep.

Experience Gained: 2800 XP

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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