The Hands that Move the World

Kapaerian Island VIII: Scora Bael - Descent

Sypheros 17, 999 YK

Xulgos leaves Zil’dejin, Conlon and Coref temporarily to visit the native Vulkoori of the island in their camp near the ruins. Meanwhile, the remaining three decide to finally attend to Zan-kyri’s body that was decapitated by Nezethet the day before. They choose to visit the Wayfinder camp at the walls of the Ashnazga githyanki stronghold, where there are priests of the Sovereign Host that could perform a resurrection. Coref, who is distrustful of the githyanki, stays behind, so Conlon and Zil’dejin load Zan-kyri’s body on a horse and ride back to the camp. They rest here while the ritual is being performed.

Sypheros 18, 999 YK.

Zan-kyri returns and finds himself tragically short on mindcotton. He returns with Conlon and Zil’dejin to the ruins where they rejoin Coref, who is trying to restore some of the frescoes in the rotunda. The four of them proceed into the lower level of Scora Bael, finding a t-junction, though both of the other exits appear to be barred. They choose one and find Umbragen drow inside with neogi. A fight commences and they proceed further to find the main Umbragen encampment, with many drow and their leader – Voraqael Xel’zoratha – present. He explains the Umbragen have been hired to retrieve the Dreamheart and that access to the artifact requires two components. The Umbragen have one, and the Sulatar, on the west side of the lower level, have the other.

The party decides to visit the Sulatar leader, who has information vital to retrieving the Dreamheart. They opt to pass through the old giant dormitories, which have become a heated battleground between the Sulatar and Umbragen. They pass through by making use of a set of air shafts used to ventilate the dormitories (though Zan-kyri ends up going on foot) and make their way to a chamber with a large holding cell, where they have a conversation with the Sulatar leader Ryltas the Once-Burned, who reveals the history of both Scora Bael and the Dreamheart itself. They take some time to consider their next move.

Experience obtained: 2600 XP

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Zan-kyri, Conlon Ostrennar



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