The Hands that Move the World

Kapaerian Island VI: Scora Bael - Slave Halls

Sypheros 17, 999 YK

After camping in the ruins, the party, with Coref Irvallo, reaches a long hall originally used by the giants of Scora Bael to quarter their elf and drow slaves. “Beds” which are little more than holes in the wall are occupied in part by drow, though all show signs of use: it is clear the drow are using this to sleep in while they explore the ruins.

They attempt to negotiate with the drow here, but the Vulkoori are not receptive. They claim to follow the Sulatar, a fire-worshiping group of drow that remained loyal to the giants. The fight is short, and the drow are quickly defeated by the four. They spare one as a prisoner to lead them to the location of the key to the lower level, which they still have not found.

Experience obtained: 1000 XP

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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