The Hands that Move the World

Kapaerian Island III: Scora Bael - Shrine to Onatar

Sypheros 15, 999 YK – Sypheros 16, 999 YK.

The Collective is summoned by the Ashnazga githyanki into their fortress the following morning, around which the Wayfinder Foundation has established their camp. Their apparent leader, Zunyalta, is also seeking the relic to bring down the Vulkoori drow on the island after a very long war for dominance. One of his warlords, Nezethet has already lead a warband to find it, though Zunyalta claims he was driven by fevered dreams of power to be had by finding the relic. He offers to send troops to support the war against the devils via what he calls a “skyship,” though he does not show this to the party. He also shows them on their map of the island the location of Scora Bael. Feeling repercussions from his experience with the mindcotton, Zan-kyri remains in the Wayfinder camp while Zil’dejin, Xulgos and Conlon head off to find the ruins.

When they arrive at the ruins, they find an entry hall ending in a junction with three possible exits. They choose the one on the right, and find themselves in a room with a massive statue of a fire giant holding an axe in one hand and a hammer in the other, flanked by braziers with a brass anvil behind. They identify this is a bastardized version of Onatar. They also run afoul of some slightly-crazed githyanki, apparently serving Nezethet, who they are forced to fight. After this is over, they find a secret passage at the back of the shrine.

Experience obtained: 800 XP

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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