The Hands that Move the World

Intermission III: The Year of Ascension

The summer of 1001 YK, following the Eclipse Collective’s Ascension, marked a roughly year-long period of relative calm in the Collective’s history. This was called the “Year of Ascension.”

Nymm, 1001 YK

• The atropal Zenza, the First Empty King, goes into a dormant state on Dreadwood Isle in the Lhazaar Principalities.
Zil’dejin Firebane is married in a brief and quiet ceremony to the Dragon Prophet.
Nimozaran the Green passes the title of Magister of Eros to Kaleth, as he feels he is getting too old.
• A confusing system of currency begins implementation in Eros.
• A diplomat is sent from Eros to speak with Bortan ir’Wynarn, one of the prospective heirs to Breland’s throne.
• The Eran Royal Legion undergoes sweeping reforms, shrinking down to a token force as Eros cannot afford its upkeep.

Lharvion, 1001 YK

• The Chronocracy sets up a sort of alliance with Eros through Kaleth.
• Rilic goes to a meeting of the Brelish Parliament, where he learns that the parliament is in shambles and a civil war is brewing between three heirs to the Brelish throne: Bortan, Aejar ir’Wynarn, and Kor ir’Wynarn.
• The remaining two sides of Iadoes, “Evil” and “Mad” Iadoes, return to Grey Titan’s Hold where they attempt to assume control of the Cult of Lharvion, using the Content Not Found: Chaos-gear. Kaleth and Zil’dejin debate about what to do with them, and ultimately they are paralyzed by Rilic and sealed in an iron bottle given in Illandyano to them to contain the soul of a genie. The bottle is then locked in Kaleth’s time-plane.
• A deal is set up with House Orien to extend the Lightning Rail into Grey Titan’s Hold.
• The elves of Valenar launch a large-scale raid on Metrol, in which nearly all of the Eran War Mages (still garrisoned there after Zil’dejin’s war against Emperor Metreus Umitian the Usurper) are slain. They are repelled when the party arrives in the Phoenix Eclipse, at which point they use a combination of magic and the ship’s “negative energy cannon” to fend them off. They take many of the Magebred Lords with them as protection.
• In a separate raid, the elves steal the egg containing Zil’dejin’s firstborn son with Mishva Garodya Stormhorn.

Barrakas, 1001 YK

• The town of Xulgos is founded on the banks of the Brey River.
• The nobles petition the Royal Council through Rickard Mancuso to establish a proper system of feudal nobility in Eros. The motion passes, and the land is divided up into counties.
• Embassies are established between Eros and Aundair.

Rhaan, 1001 YK

• Zil’dejin’s first child, a male dragonborn, is born in captivity in Taer Valaestas in Valenar.
• A trade route is established between Xulgos and Thrane, trading ores from Eran mines for wood from Thrane.
• The Brelish Civil War begins as Kor ir’Wynarn begins taking lands in northwest Breland. Aejar holds the capital of Wroat and most of the east, while Bortan holds only Sharn.

Sypheros, 1001 YK

• A formal trade treaty is established between Eros and Aundair, balanced heavily in favour of Aundair.
• The Ragdoll Killer strikes again in Xulgos, killing one of the traders.
• Bandit activity begins on the road between Eros and Vrinsk, but is almost immediately shut down by Eran intervention.
• Kaleth searches for the Ragdoll Killer, and manages to scry on him in a cell-like room covered in arcane wards, where he is crafting ragdolls.
• Kaleth is presented with a man the guards believe is the Ragdoll Killer, but is revealed to be the wrong person.

Aryth, 1001 YK

• The remaining Magebred Lords are returned to Eros, but the elves keep Zil’dejin’s firstborn.
• The town of Thanes is founded on the site of what was previously the Cyran town of Dollen on the River.
• Kor ir’Wynarn topples Galethspyre, securing his dominance on most of western Breland.

Vult, 1001 YK

• Aejar ir’Wynarn is assassinated. Many believe that the assassination was arranged by his brother Bortan, who step in to secure Wroat.
• Some of the Eran Royal Council goes to speak with Bortan, expressing concerns over their huge financial backing with little payoff. Bortan, who appears unusually paranoid and nervous, insists that “everything is alright” and that they “just need to be patient.”
Tandi Warmmantle Ascends after completing a tour with his new (almost) all-halfling band, Tandi and the Candlesticks.

Zarantyr, 1002 YK

• Kor continues pushing, creating a rough line of division along the Dagger River between his territory and Bortan’s.
• Eros gets word that Bortan is no longer paying his soldiers, and that patrols have stopped on the roads, leading to a rise in banditry.
Indicus inadvertently teleports himself to Shavarath in the middle of pitched combat, where he must fight his way out. After slaying an entire army’s worth of enemies, he Ascends.

Olarune, 1002 YK

• Eros sends relief aid to Breland, as well as soldiers from the Eran Royal Legion disguised as mercenaries to help patrol the roads, and also maintain the Eran agenda in Breland.

Therendor, 1002 YK

• Bortan’s plan is revealed as the House Cannith masterworks, the Cannith Colossus (inspired by Zan-kyri’s Frozen Colossus) and Project Fat Dragon, lead an army of constructs similar to mindless warforged and other golems into battle against Kor, pushing him back across the Dagger River.
• A treaty is established between Bortan and Kor, which allows Kor and his men to keep western Breland. Breland recognizes this as the nation of Korland. In addition, a parcel of land in east Breland is given to Eros, as per an agreement made with the financial backing.
• The Dragon Prophet gives birth to half-dragonborn twins, a male and a female. They are given the names Baelin and Erin Firebane, respectively.



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