The Hands that Move the World

Intermission II: The Dark Year

In 1000 YK, after the end of the Starpeaks Invasion, the Eclipse Collective went their separate ways for an entire year. This year would come to be known as “the Dark Year” for the Collective’s relative absence and the unfortunate events that would settle upon Eberron during this time.


12th : King Boranel ir’Wynarn dies of injuries sustained from spined devils in the Starpeaks Invasion.
22nd : The first clearstone is laid in the Mournland, purging the lingering effects of the Day of Mourning in a twelve-mile radius.


1st : Funded by Zil’dejin Firebane, construction begins on a settlement around the first clearstone that will become the Grey Titan’s Hold.
8th : Rumours begin to spread that devil armies are occupying sections of Q’barra and the Shadow Marches.
12th : The Brelish parliament passes an act to temporarily block the ascension of King Boranel’s heir to the throne, part of a plan to abolish the monarchy.
15th : A huge section of the Mournland, a roughly circular area with a ten-mile radius, plunges into particularly cold weather as Iadoes Lunaformer casts a powerful spell there.
18th : Conlon Ostrennar takes on an apprentice and adopted son, Morgue Conlonnar.


4th : The Cult of Lharvion is started by Iadoes Lunaformer.
9th : The trial of Nimozaran the Green is held in the city of Korth by the Twelve, on the grounds that he violated the guild’s orders by practicing war magic in the Starpeaks Invasion. Zil’dejin Firebane testifies on his behalf.


12th : The Temple of Dol Dorn is constructed in Grey Titan’s Hold by Derli d’Kundarak.


8th : Talks between Aundair and Thrane do not do much to settle the matter of Thaliost and Adal’s invasion. Tensions between the two kingdoms escalate.


1st – 3rd : The 1st Annual Lharvion Festival begins in Eros, a three-day celebration of the full phase of the Eye moon, ordained by Magister Iadoes Lunaformer.
20th : Baalondorus, in human form, tentatively completes his study of Derli’s dragonmark, and concludes that it has been changed, as he suspected. After interpreting the fragment of the Draconic Prophecy it represents, Baalondorus believes Derli must complete some monumental service to Dol Dorn in order to learn some ancient secret.


12th : Initial construction on Grey Titan’s Hold is completed. The town, in its current state, can support almost 3,000 people. Its completion marks the unofficial founding of the Kingdom of Eros, led by Zil’dejin Firebane.
14th : Derli begins assembling the faithful of the Sovereign Host from across Khorvaire to train them in Dol Dorn’s name, in preparation of a crusade into the fallen city of Shadukar in Thrane, now occupied by devils.
21st : Conlon establishes a magical library and academy of learning in Grey Titan’s Hold.


• A bountiful harvest in Eros ensures its people are well-fed this month.
1st : The first meeting of the Erran Royal Council takes place in the castle of Grey Titan’s Hold.
17th : an explosion from pyromancy cast in the library rocks Conlon’s magical academy, causing a major fire and considerable property damage.


1st – 10th : The Autumn Crusade, led by Derli d’Kundarak, marches from Eros into Thrane in the name of Dol Dorn. They purge the devils occupying Shadukar after a large-scale ambush, and vanquish the undead there after returning from an initial defeat.
11th : Derli receives a vision after his victory of him holding a sword and shield that strongly resemble those on the holy symbol of his god. He then sees the sword in a crystal city amidst an endless sky, and the shield atop a mountain surrounded by dragons.
13th : Rickard Mancuso requests that Derli perform a funerary service for a good friend of his. Derli, having never performed such a service before, does poorly. His temple receives no donations this month.
21st : Rogo Dwayl leaves the cult of Lharvion to become an apostate, worshiping the so-called “Thirteenth Moon.” He attempts to slander the cult of Lharvion, but Iadoes is quick in damage control.
24th : Conlon’s academy gets an unexpected and considerable grant from Morgrave University in Sharn.


4th : Another explosion happens in the magical academy, but it is quickly cleaned up.
8th : Eros hires famed adventurer and notorious smuggler Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle to chart additional territory and lay new clearstones.
13th : An esteemed visitor arrives in Grey Titan’s Hold in a covered sedan chair. His servants ask Derli for a blessing, which he provides. They are revealed to have been seeking the blessings of Aureon, not Dol Dorn, for their master Elyas. They leave, offended.
16th : A man covered in wounds and burns stumbles out of the Mournland and into the Grey Titan’s Hold. He pleads with Iadoes for healing, though the sorcerer has no means of healing him. Instead, he takes over the man’s mind and the two of them visit Derli, who begrudgingly heals the wounded, allowing Iadoes to claim credit when he recovers.
20th : Xulgos’ drow have their encampment attacked by the Ashnazga githyanki. They hide and prepare an ambush, but the githyanki are ready. The raid is devastating, resulting in a large death toll and a great deal of lost supplies.
26th : High Inquisitor Markav Gaebler arrives in the Grey Titan’s Hold, following reports of a church falsely devoted to Dol Dorn. He begins an inquisition, and while Derli prevents all hell from breaking loose, they choose to remain in Eros indefinitely.


2nd : Xulgos’ drow choose to move out of the jungle and into the once-sacred ruins of Scora Bael. They do a cursory search for useful supplies and tresure.
5th : The small aristocracy of Eros present their demands to Nimozaran the Green for a noble villa. After some deliberation, the council agrees.
16th : A student in Conlon’s magical academy discovers a strange new mind-affecting spell.
12th : A Karrnathi warlord comes to Eros with his wife and a retinue. He requests that Derli perform a marriage ceremony at the end of the month. Derli cautiously agrees.
28th : The marriage ceremony takes place, held in the honour of Dol Dorn. It is a rousing success, and the temple enjoys some extra prestige as a result.



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