The Hands that Move the World

Graywall I: Entering the City

Aryth 1, 999 YK

The new developments to the Eclipse Keep underway, the party boards the lightning rail in Wroat and goes to Flamekeep, where they meet with High Cardinal Krozen. Not trusting him to handle the Dreamheart, Conlon instead requests to give the item personally to the Keeper of the Flame herself. Satisfied that it is in good hands, the party receives their official pardon and a promise of a number of Thrane peasant archers, as well as a unit of Silver Flame exorcists.

Aryth 2, 999 YK

Back at the Eclipse Keep, the party hears the Brelish parliament’s response to their request of a sea trade contract, and are informed they must find a way to placate House Lyrandar who will surely contest it. They plan their next bid for support, and unexpectedly settle on Droaam. Zil’dejin, Conlon, and Xulgos take their horses and head out for the nation of monsters immediately.

Aryth 13, 999 YK

On the road to Droaam, the group encounters an orc bandit who has just killed what appears to be a merchant. After some threatening and a sudden attack by Conlon, she is killed, and the party seizes her weapon, which appears to have some kind of foreign writing on it.

Aryth 14, 999 YK

The party arrives in Graywall, and meet an orc druid named Rorgash “the Calm,” who identifies the writing on the blade to be Daelkyr script. The party seeks an audience with Graywall’s governor, a mindflayer named Xorchylic, but are unable to get into his seat of power: a large black dome in the middle of the city. They decide to contact House Tharashk, who they believe can assist in arranging a meeting with Xorchylic.

Experience Gained: 1000 XP (from roleplay)

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Xulgos Adinimys, Conlon Ostrennar



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