The Hands that Move the World

Coming Storm V: Quadruple Cross

Eyre 3, 1001 YK

The party attempts to teleport back to Sardar Sa’ida Dewan al-Zaman‘s Temple of Fire, but a teleportation mishap leads them instead to the tower of Yagmur Reis. Confronted with the earth keystone by Helania, Kaleth jumps off the tower’s edge, only to be knocked out by air elementals. Zil’dejin dives to save him but is also knocked out and smashes into the ground. Rilic tries to explain their actions to Yagmur by condemning Kaleth, but the djinni refuses to pass judgment on the dead and brings him and Zil’dejin back up, raising both and questioning them. A new deal is eventually struck: Yagmur will find Zitholt and offer some other support for the party, and he will keep two keystones while the party keeps the other two safe. They rest the night in the tower.

Eyre 4, 1001 YK

The party speaks with the Evening Star Company, who want to combine their keystones to open the seal on the palace just long enough to get inside and loot it. The Collective tentatively agrees. They leave the tower for the Water Gardens, killing some wounded water genasi on the way. The party, realizing Girrrth’s lycanthropy is making him evil, cure him with time magic, technically replacing him with an alternate past version of himself. They continue on and enter the gardens, receiving the benefit of water breathing magic before descending the central pool.

Hisein offers them some very tempting offers to turn on Yagmur yet again, but they refuse after long deliberation and attack. In the middle of the fight, Paddy Grimm shows up and joins the Collective’s fight, even though he is somewhat confused. The combat goes on until Hisein dies, and his pleasure dome begins to collapse around them. They collect the water keystone and teleport back to Yagmur’s tower. Yagmur has found Zitholt and is nearly done his summoning. During their discussion with him, he is revealed to owe his freedom to Mordakhesh the Shadowsword.

The Evening Star Company appears to successfully kill Sardar Sa’ida, as they are seen emerging from an exploding Temple of Fire. When they arrive at Yagmur’s tower, a brief conflict emerges between Thair Coalstriker and Zil’dejin before the overall situation escalates to the point where a fight begins with the djinni and the cloud giant. After a few seconds in the combat, the summoning is complete, and a tremendous air elemental tears the roof off of the tower.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Derli d’Kundarak, Rilic Balendal, Girrrth Thicktrunk, Kaleth, Paddy Grimm

Eyre 3, 1001 YK

After stashing Khatun Makra jin Karima‘s hoard of wealth safely away back in time in a building of the Chronocracy, the party is met in the Catacombs of Stone by Derli d’Kundarak and Rilic Balendal, the former of whom has been absent due to a brief spell of unconsciousness during some sort of commune with the Oinodaemon, not entirely unlike what is frequently experienced by Conlon Ostrennar. Because all have had to navigate the still-shifting Catacombs and have no wish to do so again, Kaleth attempts to teleport the party back to the Temple of Fire. However, the attempt leads to a malfunction, and the party instead ends up on the second-to-top floor of Yagmur Reis’ tower, where Helania resides.

Helania very quickly reveals that both she and Yagmur are aware of their attempted other dealings and their killing of the dao Khatun. With the keystone of earth in hand, Kaleth leaps off the tower’s edge and slows the speed of his fall with magic, not anticipating that the clouds surrounding the top of Yagmur’s tower are, in fact, dormant air elementals infused with lightning. They assail the already-injured Kaleth, and a particularly violent lightning bolt renders him unconscious. In response, Zil’dejin dives from the tower to catch the mage, moving past the elementals at first but, after catching Kaleth, attracting their ire as well. Girrrth tries to intervene by running vertically down the tower wall but loses his footing just before the break, and digs his fingers into the wall, hanging there while Zil’dejin is knocked out by a lightning bolt and plummets to the ground. Kaleth is killed by the lightning bolt, or possibly the impact. Winds mac Aire emerges from his camp to investigate the fall.

Back at the top of the tower, Helania calls Yagmur down, and he speaks to Rilic and Derli who have been watching the situation unfold. Rilic suggests that Kaleth turned traitor, accounting for the death of the dao and his sudden leap from the tower. Yagmur, however, is unwilling to pass judgment on the dead and brings the unconscious Zil’dejin and deceased Kaleth back up, bringing Winds mac Aire along as well. When they have reached the top, he breathes the air of life back into them. Without mentioning the information Rilic gave to him, he questions Kaleth (and to a lesser extent Zil’dejin) about what they have just done. Kaleth manages to talk his way out of his predicament, claiming that they did indeed speak with the other genie lords, but made no solid commitment — they only killed Makra because she was objectively the worst of the four.

They come to an agreement in favour of Yagmur again, where he will keep two of the keystones to the palace of Zenzatun, and the party will keep the other two, removing from the plane to ensure they remain as far away as possible. The conversation also reveals some possibly important information: the keystones are nearly impossible to destroy, another mention of the Blooded, Yagmur’s large-scale summoning nearing completion, and more background on the genie who first entered Zenzatun. This djinni, known as Durzu, is said to have somehow managed to get past to the barriers to Illandyano thousands of years ago, only to return to his people in Syrania with fantastic tales of wealth and magic. His second return did not see him back again.

Yagmur finds this new agreement acceptable, and the Collective also asks for some additional support, which he offers to provide, but notes that it will “take some time to prepare.” The Collective also asks to stay in the tower again before they set out to defeat the remaining genie lords. They set up again in the room with the trapped lamp and sleep.

Eyre 4, 1001 YK

After resting, the party makes preparations to set back out into the city. Before departing, they go up to see Yagmur one more time. On the next level up, they find three members of the Evening Star Company speaking to Helania: Drago Kraal, Nolash Tyreshnar, and their party’s wizard, Margana ir’Tanast. They appear to be negotiating some sort of deal for themselves. The Collective speaks with them down on the level below, and discover their plan: they want to open the palace, but only transiently. Margana and their currently absent warlock, Valanthe Siannodel, believe they can release the seal for just long enough for them to get inside and then reseal it, to open when they have finished looting the interior. Of course, they need all four keystones to enact this. Drago Kraal, who during the discussion reveals more of his bitterness and the fact that he is the son of Josef Kraal, invites the Collective to join them in this plan. After a time, the party tentatively agrees.

The Evening Star then leaves, while the Eclipse Collective goes up to speak to Yagmur again. Before Helania fetches him, she mentions to them what the Evening Star Company was speaking to her about. She is in Illandyano in the capacity of a scholar and she is willing to pay for any artifacts of the ancient civilization discovered there. Yagmur is apparently absent at the moment, supposedly looking for Zitholt.They return to the bottom of the tower, where Winds mac Aire has set up camp again, claiming that it’s “too intense up there.” They talk to Winds for a moment before heading back towards the Water Gardens.

On the way to Gardens, Girrrth and Derli, the only two walking brazenly through the streets, encounter some wounded water genasi walking away from Hisein’s stronghold. They plead for help in fragmented Common, saying something about an attack, all the dead kuo-toa in the Gardens, and how they are rebelling against the marid. Girrrth offers them health potions which can be found in the bag of devouring, and one of them reaches in only to be consumed by it. The others flee, and Girrrth is convinced to let them go, though he nearly kills them as well. The party, realizing he has been touched by his new-found lycanthropy and is likely to only get worse, finally decide to intervene. Kaleth cures the ailment with magic, explaining in vague terms that he has replaced Girrrth with one from an alternate timeline, and that the old Girrrth is “dead, but he doesn’t know it.”

Apparently fine with this, the party moves on and reaches the Water Gardens which are more or less as they last left them. The ability to breathe water is given by Kaleth’s magic, and they descend the central pool, surfacing in Khedive Hisein Tala’at‘s pleasure dome. He offers them the usual hospitality despite their obviously lethal intent, and entertains a conversation about their purposes. He is prepared to make them a better offer and increases his deal by orders of magnitude, offering to put the Eclipse Keep back in Eberron in a safe underwater haven with attached pleasure dome for Kaleth, a reversal of Derli’s daemonic symptoms and information on the Sword of Dol Dorn, and knowledge about the Blooded for Zil’dejin. The party debates on this for a long time and nearly accepts the deal before finally turning on Hisein.

The room floods as the fight begins, with Hisein ripping holes in his own underwater pleasure dome. Kaleth uses magic (with his new time-clone) to stem some of the leaks. A number of members of the harem become involved and club Kaleth with giant icicles while Hisein keeps the others at bay. His most fearsome magic is, for the most part, kept down by frequent counterspells and intervention, but he still puts up a strong fight. He keeps Derli, the greatest threat to his free movement, at bay by constantly blasting jets of water at him. Midway through the battle, Paddy Grimm arrives from the entrance pool, seemingly confused about the circumstances, but joins the party’s side anyway. During the chaos of combat, he asks what the marid offered the party, to which he responds “everything they could have asked for.” Paddy accepts this but keeps fighting for the Collective anyway. He goads the marid into attacking him personally, calling him a landlubber, among other things. This sudden shift in intent creates an opening for Zil’dejin and Girrrth, who wound him severely for Paddy to finish him off.

With Hisein’s death, the pleasure dome begins to crack and fall apart. As Hisein promised before the fight, the pleasure dome is in a different plane than Kythri, but it is not warded against teleportation. The party does a very quick sweep of the rapidly-flooding room and just barely remembers to grab the water keystone before they go back to Yagmur’s tower. Rilic and Derli, the former of whom is holding the keystone, remain on the first level while the others go back up.

The conversation with Yagmur is somewhat tense. He has found Zitholt, who stands nearby and speaks in difficult-to-understand proverbs and cryptic phrases. When he mentions the Chaos Gear, Zil’dejin takes out the green box to show him, but it is only filled with sand. Yagmur’s summoning will be finished in a matter of minutes, and he urges them to leave as soon as possible. They ask Yagmur why he could not move the Eclipse Keep back to Eberron where all the others offered to do exactly that. They learn that he has some sort of debt to Mordakhesh the Shadowsword; apparently, he is actually associated with an imprisoning lamp that Mordakhesh controls, and Mordakhesh asked that he not allow the party’s keep to return. Surprised by this turn, they are instead intent on waiting for the Evening Star Company to return to possibly go against Yagmur.

The tower is shaken slightly by a massive explosion vaguely visible in the distance through the clouds. Yagmur’s scrying reveals the Temple of Fire has exploded, and the Evening Star Company is walking away from the flames. Derli and Rilic are brought up to the top of the tower while the Evening Star Company approaches. When they arrive, Thair Coalstriker has a brief confrontation with Zil’dejin and Paddy Grimm attempts to seduce both Margana ir’Tanast and Valanthe Siannodel (who are lovers) before the situation begins to escalate. Both parties decide to turn on Yagmur, and combat breaks out. Both parties are assailed by buffeting winds, Yagmur’s magic and combat prowess, Helania and her behir and, after a few seconds, the rooftop crumbling and a massive air elemental appearing, riven through with lightning.



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