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Blood Ties VI: Haka’torvhak — Five Rounds

Zarantyr 23, 1001 YK

Zil’dejin leads part of Mishva’s army in defending Castle Garodya against the Poison Dusk. Meanwhile, Marlamin is restored to health by Unariel, eladrin priestess of Rhashaak, who commands him to kill Jochumus, the demon he freed. He is poisoned as to not leave Haka’torvhak until it’s done. At the same time the rest of the party leaves the Tower of Night with the weapons Yrkhetep asked for. They learn they need a hybrid demon- and dragon-slaying weapon to kill Rhashaak. They keep one of the Tower weapons (dragon-slaying) and, after meeting with Marlamin they decide to go to the Grand Arena to challenge the Grand Champion, who wields a demon-slaying weapon. But first, they rest.

Zarantyr 24, 1001 YK

The party goes to the Grand Arena where they fight in a succession of rounds against Haka’torvhak’s natives, including a tyrannosaurus, several shambling mounds, an yrthak, and other competitors. Finally, Derli faces off alone against the champion, the fallen Silver Flame prefect Imperi Hetrion, who defeats him but brings him back on the edge of death to show off for the crowd. Derli takes this opportunity to kill her and takes her sword, as well as his prize: a “ring” of regeneration once belonging to a giant, which he wears as a torc. He meets up with Marlamin and Zil’dejin at the Hall of Commerce to rest, while Rilic and Iadoes rest in the Tower of Night after escaping there during the arena fight.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Marlamin Tarmikos, Derli d’Kundarak, Iadoes Lunaformer, Rilic Balendal

Zarantyr 23, 1001 YK

At Castle Garodya in southern Q’barra, the Poison Dusk rally all around. Despite reports of the reemergence of dragonborn clans thought eradicated after falling to Masvirik‘s influence, the army preparing to assault the castle seems to be composed almost entirely of lizardfolk, mainly of the blackscale variety. Zil’dejin Firebane stands with his father and his brother, as well as Mishva Garodya Stormhorn, in preparing the defense. He is given command of roughly one-half of Mishva’s surprisingly sizable army, while his father is given the remainder. Gaviir promises that if he survives, he will teach Zil’dejin the secret to unlocking the second breath weapon, a lost ability common to all metallic-scaled dragonborn.

The siege is quick but brutal, costing many lives as the lizardfolk crash against the walls. Their initial volley with javelins is met with the breath weapons of the dragonborn, and when they finally reach the walls, their poisoned claws and fangs ravage the dragonborn forces, and even facing staggering loss the lizardfolk refuse to retreat. Ultimately, though, the dragonborn fight them to the death, and the siege is repelled, though at significant cost. Gaviir is true to his word and begins teaching Zil’dejin the secret to the second breath weapon before he goes to bed Mishva.

Once his business is finished in the castle (for now), he borrows a wyvern from the army’s stables and flies off towards Ka’rhashan to rejoin his companions in Haka’torvhak.

In that ancient city, Rilic Balendal and Iadoes Lunaformer rejoin Derli d’Kundarak, who is just now regaining consciousness. Together they leave the Tower of Night to deliver the weapons Yrkhetep requested. Marlamin Tarmikos, meanwhile, has awoken at the edge of consciousness on the floor of the Temple to the Fiend Lords, his body wracked with pain that feels as though it extends to his very soul. While lying here, he is encountered by Unariel, a priestess of Rhashaak, who claims to be the one responsible for sealing the demon Jochimus in the first place, which Marlamin has now freed.

She takes Marlamin to her house in the city and restores him to health, on the condition that he defeats Jochimus and reseals the demon. She administers a potent healing potion mixed with a magical poison that, according to her, will kill him he if he tries to leave Haka’torvhak before she administers the antidote, which she will only do following the completion of his task. She advises him to seek the blade of the Grand Arena’s champion, which will aid him in doing so.

When he is able to walk on his own again, he leaves and heads for the Hall of Commerce, where the others await. They deliver one of the weapons (the scimitar) to Yrkhetep but keep the glaive for themselves. He then reveals the secret to defeating Rhashaak: a hybrid weapon is needed, one forged from a weapon made to slay dragons and another to slay demons. They learn that the glaive is one such weapon, so they decide to hold onto it. Afterwards, Derli buys some blood gin from Ozorr before they enter the Hall’s interior to dine on a mauve-coloured soup and share a bizarre smoke with Tamztur before retiring for the evening.

Zarantyr 24, 1001 YK

Zil’dejin arrives at Ka’rhashan, makes his way through the city, and enters Haka’torvhak through the portal in the Hall of Commerce, where he meets with the rest of the party. He learns of the recent events, including the retrieval of the weapons, Iadoes’ amnesia, and Marlamin’s freeing of Jochimus. When he has been brought up to speed, they head off to the Grand Arena, following the path of destruction left by the demon general who apparently has temporarily left the city (though Unariel believed he would return soon).

At the arena, they are met with surprisingly little hostility by the half-dragon officiating entry, because he believes that they will make for a good show. They meet the champion before entering, a human woman named Imperi Hetrion with a huge fierce-looking weapon on her back. A chain dangles from the hilt, covered in assorted vicious-looking fangs. She reveals herself to have been one of the Five Prefects of the Knights Militant, the second-highest possible rank of the Silver Flame’s military arm. She speaks with Derli, revealing she knows what he did and believes she can relate. She offers to teach him, which he refuses.

The party enters the arena (under aliases) with two other teams. One is composed of half-dragons of each of the primary chromatic colours, and the other is composed entirely of dwarves claiming to be Earthsmiters. The first round sees them pitted against a tyrannosaurus rex, which makes short work of the dwarves before the party fights and kills it. The half-dragons do equally well, and the second round delivers abyss-touched shambling mounds. The party defeats them in the middle of a tremendous snowstorm cast by Iadoes’ fimbulwinter spell, and afterwards a powerful dispel magic enchantment is used to remove it before the half-dragons beat the same. They then face a strange flying creature called a yrthak, which is quickly defeated, and finally must face the half-dragons in battle. Zil’dejin wields the dragon-slayer glaive and utterly destroys three of the five opponents, though Rilic is given the lion’s share of the credit due to his extensive fame.

In the “semi-final” round, the party is to fight each other until only one remains. Instead, Iadoes teleports them away to the Tower of Night, leaving Derli alone to fight Imperi. She defeats him after a quick and bloody melee, cutting off his right hand before the final blow. Imperi revives him on the edge of death to show off for the crowd. He rises to his feet as she is riling up the crowd and hacks her to death with his axe, taking her sword. He is presented with his choice of reward from items allegedly taken from drow, including a pillar-like object and a giant-sized ring. Derli takes the ring, wearing it as a torc, and discovers it has regenerative properties.

Half of the party returns to the Hall of Commerce after Zil’dejin and Marlamin navigate the trap-filled labyrinth on the first floor of the Tower of Night. Rilic and Iadoes, meanwhile, rest at the top of the tower.



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