The Hands that Move the World

Blood Ties IV: Loss

Zarantyr 20, 1001 YK

The Eclipse Collective goes to Rekkenmark, following the Voice of Karrnath newspaper dated from the future they received in Wroat, hoping to stop a slaughter allegedly perpetrated by Garmeth Shitorai and Raveth Funa’Koshe. The controls of the Phoenix Eclipse have been tampered with, however, and they end up crashing, causing substantial damage. The soldiers of Karrnath take them to see the city’s warlord, Grundak Droranath, who decides to accept payment in the form of a large workforce from Eros. He then engages in a drinking contest with Derli. Meanwhile, the rest of the party rents a room in an inn overlooking the Four Winds Marketplace, where the supposed slaughter is to occur the following day.

Zarantr 21, 1001 YK

The day passes by fairly uneventfully. Iadoes is nearly recruited into the Blood of Vol, and Marlamin kills a priest of the Silver Flame in order to revive a baker who died in the airship crash. Derli, meanwhile, awakens naked in the back of a moving carriage driven by Grundak. They’re apparently pursuing some plan Derli came up with during their drunken bender. Grundak offers him some mindcotton, which takes a while to affect Derli but eventually causes him to hallucinate the carriage flying through their air to arrive at a menacing-looking castle, filled with demons. He starts wading through the hostile creatures at Grundak’s side, killing them in great numbers. They reach a large, particularly-fierce demon and Derli kills it in combat, crushing its head with his shield.

The rest of the party sees someone who looks like Garmeth approaching them, decaying with each step he takes. When he reaches Zil’dejin he is laughing maniacally. When asked about the forthcoming slaughter, he replies that “it has already happened”. They begin frantically looking for Derli and discover a symbol of the Lords of Dust, and learn that the dwarf left with Grundak the night before for Korth. They get in the airship, now captained by the newly-hired Frances d’Lyrandar, and make their way to Korth.

Meanwhile, Derli’s hallucinations break and he realizes he is in the courtyard of Crownhome, the castle of King Kaius ir’Wynarn III of Karrnath. He has killed three hundred soldiers of Karrnath and Kaius’ general. Grundak lies dead nearby, and Kaius has arrived, demanding Derli’s suicide to be revived as a protector of Karrnath. Derli nearly does, but the rest of the party arrives and stops him from doing so. Zil’dejin agrees to hand over Derli after their business in Q’barra, and Marlamin performs a blood sacrament to bind the agreement. They then leave, bound for the Keep.

Zarantyr 22, 1001 YK

Back at the Eclipse Keep, the party discovers their home has been replaced with an illusion. Nimozaran the Green sits nearby, obviously distraught. When questioned he reveals that he had been running errands with the Coals of the Sun when the keep was stolen and relocated to another plane by “powerful abyssal magic.” He promises to find it, and also to look for a solution to Derli’s broken oath by enlisting Baalondorus, and insists they finish their business in Q’barra while he researches.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Marlamin Tarmikos, Derli d’Kundarak, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Rilic Balendal

Zarantyr 20, 1001 YK

The Eclipse Collective flies to Rekkenmark in Karrnath, pursuing a Voice of Karrnath newspaper dated two days into the future describing a massacre to occur in the late afternoon of Zaranytr 21 at the hands of Garmeth Shitorai and Raveth Funa’Koshe. The controls to the Phoenix Eclipse have evidently been tampered with since Mordakhesh the Shadowsword stole it, however, and Iadoes Lunaformer is unable to slow it down. The ship crashes through the House Lyrandar airship tower and smashes through a sizable chunk of the city, and the cargo hold catches on fire as well. Eventually, Rilic Balendal is able to stop the ship’s advance. They are intercepted on the ground by the Karrnathi military.

The soldiers bring them to see Grundak Droranath, dwarven warlord of Rekkenmark in charge of overseeing the city. He has a great deal of respect for the Eclipse Collective and despite normally employing capital punishment for crimes much less than the one they have committed, he decides to agree to settle things if Zil’dejin Firebane sends builders from Eros to repair the damages done. He also gets into a drinking contest with Derli d’Kundarak after he claims that House Kundarak has “forgotten how to drink.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the party helps with the cleanup of the airship crash, and Iadoes recruits eighteen homeless individuals, including his new second-in-command Gummy Joe, to the Cult of Lharvion. Zil’dejin meets with House Lyrandar, and hires a new airship crew captained by Frances d’Lyrandar. Finally, the Collective rents a room in an inn overlooking the Four Winds Marketplace and take turns watching out for anything suspicious.

Zarantyr 21, 1001 YK

The day the events were meant to take place, the party continues their watch. Rilic continues to watch over the marketplace while Marlamin Tarmikos takes to the backstreets and alleyways, Iadoes proselytizes about Lharvion, and Zil’dejin wanders the market itself. Marlamin stops a mugging and is rewarded with a mildly magic ring of arcane signets, able to alter the symbol on its surface to any other symbol which can also be imprinted upon a surface of his choosing.

The Blood of Vol attempts to recruit Iadoes, who is nearly convinced by their efforts before Marlamin drags him away. They end up in a ruined bakery, destroyed by their crash landing, where Marlamin decides to have his church revive the crushed proprietor. The church agrees for a small service: a priest named Father Tokorin of Thrane, a member of the Church of the Silver Flame, has been working against the Blood of Vol from his “home” in the basement of the Beggar and the Goblet on the edge of the Four Winds Marketplace. Marlamin agrees to deal with the priest and goes to do so while the rest of the party continues to hang around the market.

Meanwhile, Derli awakens in the back of a moving carriage, his armour removed (but nearby) and two naked humans with him. He emerges to the roof of the carriage to find Grundak smoking Droaam mindcotton, pursuing some plan of Derli’s (whom he calls the “God of Dongs”) from their bender the night previous. He is vague on the details, but convinces Derli to smoke the mindcotton with him. Initially, this has no effect, but eventually it takes hold. Derli perceives the carriage taking off and flying through the air.

The carriage arrives at a floating castle, filled with demons. Derli and Grundak smash and hack their way through them to reach a larger demon, who they fight until Derli delivers a final crushing blow with his shield. They are then surrounded by more of the minor demons, fighting them by the dozens until none are left standing.

Back in Rekkenmark’s Four Winds Marketplace, Marlamin Tarmikos emerges from the Beggar and the Goblet after having killed the priest of the Silver Flame. The fight was extremely one-sided, and though Marlamin initially tried only to incapacitate the man, the terrible effects of black mold brought him back and resulted in his death. At the same time as he emerges, Zil’dejin Firebane sees the crowd parting for someone who looks like Garmeth. He is severely wounded, and his wounds worsen with each step he takes. By the time he reaches Zil’dejin, he is little more than a bloody torso, laughing maniacally. He is asked about the slaughter they read about in the future newspaper, to which “Garmeth” responds: “it has already happened.”

The party investigates hastily and uncovers a symbol for the Lords of Dust, and after interrogating one of the soldiers stationed at the Warlord’s Castle they learn that Grundak and Derli left the night before on a carriage bound for Korth. They get in the airship immediately.

All at once, Derli’s hallucinations break, and he stands in the courtyard of Crownhome, the castle of King Kaius ir’Wynarn III in the capital city of Korth. He is surrounded by hundreds of dead Karrnathi soldiers and the deceased body of Grundak, killed in their assault. King Kaius himself has appeared, wielding a burning sword. He demands Derli kill himself to atone for his crimes, so that he can be raised as an undead protector of Karrnath to suffer in servitude for eternity. Derli considers and nearly follows through completely upon this before the rest of the party arrives.

Iadoes encounters an illusory projection of Mordakhesh, who promises “many more surprises” in store for them, and that they should “return to the Eclipse Keep at [their] nearest convenience.” Zil’dejin has words with Kaius, and promises to return Derli to Korth after their business is complete in Q’barra. Marlamin completes a sort of binding blood sacrament to seal the deal, and they leave in no small degree of shame and sadness. Derli takes a deep drink to steady his nerves and slowly try to acclimate to having broken his oaths, a truth that appears to be causing his body to rot.

Zarantyr 22, 1001 YK

Returning to the Eclipse Keep, the Collective discovers the keep has been replaced by an illusion; the building itself is no longer there. Nimozaran the Green sits on the cliff nearby with some of the Coals of the Sun dwarves, his head buried in his hands. When questioned by the party, he reveals that powerful abyssal magic was used to steal the keep and relocate it to another plane while he was away with the dwarves. He does not know where it has been taken, but he promises to investigate the matter diligently until the structure is found. He decides he will relocate to Grey Titan’s Hold until this is done.

He also decides to contact Baalondorus against Derli’s wishes, as he is concerned for the dwarf. He insists they finish their business in Q’barra while he does his work, and return to Grey Titan’s Hold when they are done. They agree, and return to their airship.



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