The Hands that Move the World

Blood Ties III: Filibustering

Zarantyr 19, 1001 YK

The Eclipse Collective leaves Ka’rhashan and finds that the Phoenix Eclipse is missing, having plane-shifted somewhere besides Eberron or Fernia. They teleport to the Eclipse Keep where they end up meeting with a minister of the Brelish Parliament, Darmic ir’Kavay. He tells them the Parliament is going to abolish the feudal system in absence of a monarch, and wants them to surrender their titles and holdings to avoid public outcry and embarrassment. He also wants Eros to become a vassal state of Breland, or they will press their claim in war. The party refuses on both counts. He leaves, and Talbot arrives, informing them he wants a man captured in Haka’torvhak brought to him for interrogation. He bears the Mark of War, and is impaled on a spike in the Places of Sacrifice, barely alive. In exchange, Talbot offers any information they might want. They agree, and he says he will be camped outside of Haka’torvhak in one week’s time. He then leaves.

The party meets with Nimozaran the Green and Coref Irvallo and debates their course of action with the Brelish government. They decide against capitulation or invasion, and instead wish to go to the parliamentary meeting the next day. They rest in the keep.

Zarantyr 20, 1001 YK

The party rides into Wroat and makes their way to Parliament Hall. Their airship floats above it. They push in and find Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn‘s body, delivered by three rakshasa disguised as Stahlstrauss, Tam’elanath, and Zan-kyri. Conlon accuses them of being disguised, but the seer of the house, Pethin d’Medani, claims the contrary. The Collective is accused of murder which escalates to the point where Zil’dejin claims Darmic paid them to do it. He is dragged out and Zil’dejin requests trial by combat, and fights the archmage of Breland, Jovi ir’Kade. Iadoes helps him break through Jovi’s magic by subtle spellcasting, and Zil’dejin kills Jovi. The parliament requests review by an “unaffiliated mage,” the attending Rilic Balendal (who is neither unaffiliated with the Eclipse Collective, nor actually a mage). He claims that everything was legitimate.

The Eclipse Collective is thus exempt from legal punishment for Oargev’s death, and Rand Colworn (whose body and head are separate entities after Iadoes’ wild magic surge) moves to defer the decision on vassalization until the Parliament can be restored to order. This carries, and the party leaves, but not before the parliament gets caught up in the moment and names Rilic as Breland’s new archmage. Their airship is at the Lyrandar airship tower, and they go there to find the pyramidal Rage Shard from Ammultun missing. Additionally, they are given a newspaper dated two days in the future mentioning a massacre perpetrated by Garmeth Shitorai and Raveth Funa’Koshe in Rekkenmark. They decide to fly to that city to avoid such an event.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Rilic Balendal

Zarantyr 19, 1001 YK

After finishing with Harkaj Flamebrow, the Eclipse Collective leaves Ka’rhashan on their various flying conveyances only to find that the Phoenix Eclipse is missing. Iadoes investigates to discover that the ship has plane-shifted, but surprisingly not to Fernia. He cannot, however, determine which plane it has gone to. Following some discussion, the party decides to return to the Eclipse Keep. Nimozaran the Green greets them and informs them he does not know where the airship has gone, but it has not returned here. While the party talks it over, a visitor arrives at the keep from the Breland side: Minister Darmic ir’Kavay of the Brelish Parliament.

The party sits down with him in the war room, and he explains his reasons for coming: the Brelish Parliament is in the process of abolishing the feudal system, and to avoid embarrassment and public outcry he wants the Eclipse Collective to surrender their titles and holdings in Breland willingly, rather than having them forcibly removed. He also wishes for Eros to become a vassal state of Breland, as they have a claim on the land and are willing to press it in war. The party refuses on both counts after some circular discussion, and Iadoes makes a few vague threats on Darmic’s life before he departs.

Soon after he leaves, Talbot arrives at the keep. He has learned the party intends to go to Haka’torvhak and he wants some information from one of the men spiked on the “Places of Sacrifice”, four towers with great spikes that impale intruders and offenders of Haka’torvhak. The dark magic of the city keeps them alive long after they should have died, and one of the men there has information Talbot wants. He asks them to return the man in question to him (marked with the Mark of War demonmark) and in exchange he will find for them any piece of information they desire. He will be camped outside of Haka’torvhak in one week’s time, awaiting the delivery of the severely injured man. The party agrees, and he leaves immediately after.

A meeting is then held with the present members of the party, as well as Nimozaran and Coref Irvallo. Nimozaran advocates surrendering the holdings to placate the parliament and focusing instead on running Eros, while Coref suggests launching a coordinated assault with Drooam on Breland. He believes it can be destabilized by introducing multiple heirs to the throne, as Brelish law requires the monarch to name his successor from among his children, but King Boranel ir’Wynarn never did any such thing, leading to a possible succession struggle they can take advantage of.

Instead, the party decides to attend the meeting and advocate for themselves to keep their holdings and avoid vassalization, probably with the aid of some magic. They spend the night in the keep in preparation to attend the parliamentary meeting the following day.

Zarantyr 20, 1001 YK

The next day, the party rides into Wroat and arrives at Parliament Hall, and find their airship floats several hundred feet above the building. Fearing the worst, they enter, but are blocked by soldiers. Conlon threatens them into abandoning their post, and they continue in to find the ministers (both noble and elected) in the combined hall, gathered around the mangled body of Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn, taken from inside the Phoenix Eclipse. Three rakshasa including Mordakhesh the Shadowsword stand behind it, in the guises of Stahlstrauss, Tam’elanath Edroin d’Thuranni, and Zan-kyri. Conlon accuses them of being rakshasa, but the “seer” of the house, Pethin d’Medani, claims that he is no such thing. However, he identifies Iadoes Lunaformer in illusory disguise of a minister.

The three disguised rakshasa leave by way of teleportation, and Darmic takes the opportunity to accuse the remaining members of the Eclipse Collective of murdering the prince. The situation gets out of hand quickly, with Zil’dejin claiming that Darmic paid them to kill the prince. Darmic is dragged away in chains, and as punishment, the Eclipse Collective is to be stripped of their titles, just as Darmic wanted. Zil’dejin requests trial by combat, which the new speaker, Rand Colworn, consents to. He names Jovi ir’Kade, archmage of Breland, as the Parliament’s champion.

A fight ensues, but the odds are stacked against Zil’dejin who cannot penetrate Darmic’s magical defenses. Iadoes aids him by way of discreet spellcasting and eventually exposes Darmic, allowing him to be killed (twice, technically) by Zil’dejin. Some ministers believe that foul play was involved, and outside magic was used: they call upon the “world-famous adventuring mage” in attendance, Rilic Balendal, to make a call on whether this was so. He says that it “looked legitimate,” and the Eclipse Collective is exempt from legal punishment for Oargev’s death.

Rand Colworn, meanwhile, has lost control of his body which is now acting on its own after a wild magic surge spurred by Iadoes’ spellcasting. He walks out of the Parliament Hall but is, on his request, dragged back in with ropes pulled by four soldiers. He states that he wishes to defer the decision on vassalization until order can be restored to the Brelish Parliament, and most of the ministers agree. Finally, the parliament gets caught up in the fervor around the famed Rilic’s arrival and decides to name him as the new archmage of Breland, which he accepts and offers to “monitor” the Eclipse Collective, still not making it clear that he is travelling with the adventurers (or, for that matter, that he is completely incapable of casting spells).

The party leaves the Parliament and finds that the Phoenix Eclipse is docked at Wroat’s House Lyrandar airship tower. It is intact, barring the corpse that was taken, as well as the Rage Shard that they retrieved from Fernia missing. Before leaving, they are stopped briefly by a young boy who was told to deliver them a message. It is a newspaper, a copy of the Voice of Karrnath, dated for Zarantyr 22: the day after tomorrow. It reports a story where Garmeth Shitorai and a man matching the description of Raveth Funa’Koshe killed several hundred men in Rekkenmark in a brutal massacre. Seeking to avoid such an incident, the party decides to fly to Rekkenmark.



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