The Hands that Move the World

Blood Ties I: Duel, Days Off, Departure

Zarantyr 11, 1001 YK

The party regroups outside of Ammultun. Thoman and the blinded Conlon are forced to walk through the canyons while everybody else teleports or flies, but they are eventually picked up by Iadoes and Marlamin. Back at the airship, the party leaves for Khorvaire by way of shortcut through Fernia, but not before Xulgos Adinimys leaves the party to become the demon-guardian of the Vulkoori drow. The Collective then rests.

Zarantyr 12, 1001 YK

The next day, Thoman heals the party of their various injuries and debilities (barring the possession-curses carried by Conlon and Iadoes). With the Phoenix Eclipse still in Fernia, Conlon goes to the location given to him by Atrava the Frozen, which turns out to be a ruined tower. Here, he meets and fights Garran Radrick, Hexblade of the Elemental Pact. The fight is brief but vicious, culminating with Conlon unleashing powerful magic to kill Garran almost immediately. He takes the miniaturized version of Garran’s sword, the Blade of Chaos, as a trophy, and puts it on his armour with the Blade of Annihilation.

The party emerges from Fernia near the Eclipse Keep. Tandi goes to Wroat to perform while everybody else disembarks. Nimozaran the Green greets the party and informs them that Coref Irvallo and Rickard Mancuso are looking for them, not to mention a skeleton that arrived seeking Marlamin Tarmikos currently waiting outside the keep in Grey Titan’s Hold.

Rickard tells Zil’dejin that there is a dragonborn in Newthrone, a city in Q’barra, claiming to be his brother and trying to get support for that reason. He says that whether the dragonborn is a relative of Zil’dejin’s or not, they can’t abide by that sort of thing. Zil’dejin agrees. Meanwhile, Coref finds Conlon and Iadoes after the former puts his son into the keep’s infirmary, now staffed by Thoman Lander. Coref says somebody tried to kidnap Nimozaran, but Coref wounded the culprit. He is in the cells, and Coref suggests they find out what he wanted.

The would-be kidnapper is an illithid (or mind flayer) who, after questioning and threats by Conlon and some mild beatings by Iadoes, reveals that he has “knowledge of the moons,” and is “seeking sages” to steal their intellect to unravel secrets. To get Conlon to spare his life, he offers up the location of the mind flayer base, but he will lead them there so they don’t kill him right away. The party then brings him to the infirmary to treat the wounds given to him by Coref and Iadoes.

Marlamin meets with the skeleton and finds out that he is wanted by the Crimson Monastery in Atur. The high priest of the Blood of Vol Malevanor has a task for him that is very important, and while it can wait a while, it cannot wait forever. He is permitted to bring his party. The skeleton falls apart after imparting its message.

Zarantyr 18, 1001 YK

After about a week of rest, the Eran Royal Council convenes. Tandi is given a place on the council as Master of Ceremonies and names some holidays. Some outfitting and building orders are made, taxes are collected, and so on. Once the Council meeting is done, the party discusses what to pursue next, and agree to investigate the rumours of Zil’dejin’s brother. They prepare their things, board the Phoenix Eclipse, and fly for the city of Newthrone.

Derli’s Pilgrimage: Following a few days of travel with a spiteful Tethris, including an encounter with green-scaled dragonborn soldiers from a citadel on the road, Derli comes to the Face of Eberron. Here, he gets himself partway up before gambling with a gold dragon using his life as a wager to get up the rest of the way. He reaches the right eye of the mountain, and enters to be confronted with his equipment occupied by some sort of celestial entity, also bearing the Shield of Dol Dorn. It demands Derli tell it why he is worthy, and he gives a list of creatures he has killed, wars he has fought, and corruptions he has faced down. He then must make a sacrifice, for which he offers a stronger oath to his god: should he fail Dol Dorn, his soul and life are forfeit. This is deemed acceptable, and he is given the shield. He teleports back to the Eclipse Keep, but not before Tethris tells him to send Conlon Ostrennar to Argonnessen so Tethris can meet him.

Main Characters: Zil’dejin Firebane, Marlamin Tarmikos, Derli d’Kundarak, Conlon Ostrennar, Iadoes Lunaformer, Tandi Warmmantle

Secondary Characters: Thoman Lander

Zarantyr 11, 1001 YK

The Eclipse Collective regroups outside of Ammultun. Iadoes teleports himself and Zil’dejin back to the Phoenix Eclipse (same name, new ship) while Tandi and Marlamin fly back. Left alone, Thoman decides to lead the recently-eyeless Conlon back through the surrounding canyons on foot. After weathering a short but potent sandstorm and Thoman nearly suffocating in quicksand, they are rescued by Marlamin and Iadoes (and Tandi, but he’s really only there for moral support) and flown back to the airship. Once everyone is on board, the party takes off, leaving Xulgos Adinimys behind to remain, as he puts it, the “demon guardian of the Vulkoori.”

They shift the Phoenix Eclipse through Fernia with Conlon performing the shift and Iadoes piloting. When they have gotten on course, they take a much-needed night of rest.

Derli’s Pilgrimage: After a few more days of travel, the Face of Eberron is within sight for Derli. They are even walking on a road now, instead of just wilderness. Tethris has not eaten or slept since Prax’s death and spends all of his time staring at Derli with abject hatred. He is particularly delighted when, on the road, they encounter a number of green-scaled dragonborn wearing armour and carrying spears. They seem to be questioning Derli about something, but he cannot understand. Instead, he mimes to the best of his abilities and convinces them to let him pass. They give him a copper coin rusted with a green patina, emblazoned with a dragon’s head, which seems to be a token of passage of some kind. They carry on to the mountain.

Tethris sprouts wings and flies upwards, while Derli teleports himself to the lower lip of the Face of Eberron with dimension door. Here, he is met by the same gold dragon that tried to get him to gamble for his life before. The dragon offers to take him all the way up if Derli wins a game of chance. He must pick four numbers, and the dragon rolls a six-sided die about the size of Derli. If it comes up on any of his numbers, he wins, but if he loses he is killed. Derli agrees, picks the numbers from 2 through 5, and the die lands on “2”. The gold dragon takes him up to the Face’s right eye, where a small cavern awaits, hollowed into the pupil.

Inside, he finds his equipment propped against the wall, the shield he is seeking lying on top of it. As he approaches, it rises into the air with wings of fire and demands to know why he is worthy of holding the Shield of Dol Dorn. He begins recounting all the evil beings he has slain, the wars he has fought for his god, and the corrupting influences he has fought off from his body. The entity deems this acceptable, and tells him he must make some sort of sacrifice or personal vow to acquire the Shield. Derli re-swears his oath of vengeance in Dol Dorn’s name, with the term that if he should ever break his god’s commandments, he will forfeit his life and soul. The angel deems this acceptable, and his equipment, including the shield, are returned to him.

Tethris isn’t happy that Derli achieved his goal, but allows Derli to leave without interruption, telling him to “send Conlon Ostrennar to Argonnessen.” With that, Derli teleports back to the Eclipse Keep.

Zarantyr 12, 1001 YK

The next day, a refreshed Thoman tends to the wounds and injuries of the party. Conlon, with his eyes restored, goes down to Fernia’s ash desert to find a location given to him by the “vizier” (Atrava the Frozen) where he believes he might find another participant in the Tournament of Blades. In the ruins of an obsidian tower, he meets Garran Radrick, Hexblade of the Elemental Pact. Garran summons armour and a blade made of coruscating fire, stone, lightning and ice. They engage in a short duel. Radrick hits hard, but Conlon slices a deep wound in his opponent’s chest before Radrick manages to blind Conlon for a short duration. Conlon rallies, however, and unleashes his most powerful magic, tearing the life from Radrick’s
body immediately. This results in a detonation of the pent-up elemental power, and leaves a miniaturized Blade of Chaos for Conlon to keep as a trophy. He affixes it to his armour next to the blade he took from the Devilslayer and returns to the airship.

Closer to the end of the day, the party emerges from Fernia not far from the Eclipse Keep. Tandi takes Mulp to perform a show in the nearby city of Wroat while the rest of the party disembarks in the keep’s airship hangar. They are greeted, as always, by Nimozaran the Green. He informs them that the Royal Enforcer Coref Irvallo and the Grand Diplomat Rickard Mancuso wish to speak with them. He also mentions a bizarre talking skeleton that came looking for Marlamin, which especially surprised him as he thought Marlamin was no longer with the Collective. The skeleton has been standing outside of the keep’s placeholder shell in Eros.

Zil’dejin meets with Mancuso in the throne room. The diplomat explains that there is a situation developing in Q’barra: a young dragonborn has been seen around Newthrone claiming to be Zil’dejin’s brother. He has been attempting to rally support in the form of troops and finances with claims to the Eran throne and royal lineage. Zil’dejin is unsure as to whether he has a brother or not, but Rickard insists that they cannot tolerate such claims at nobility regardless of whether the dragonborn in question is actually Zil’dejin’s blood relative. Zil’dejin agrees.

Meanwhile, Coref finds Iadoes and Conlon outside of the keep’s infirmary after the latter drops off his son there. Coref tells them that an attempt has been made to kidnap Nimozaran. He has mortally wounded the perpetrator and placed him in the cells, and suggests they find out what he was after. They agree, and go to the cells to discover that an illithid, or mind flayer, is responsible for the attack. Conlon begins an attempt at questioning while Iadoes runs to the wood shed to retrieve a pair of sharp clippers. Iadoes then repeatedly pummels the already-wounded illithid with his moon-rock while Conlon makes threats in the Deep Speech language regarding torture and violence. The illithid reveals that he is one of many seeking advanced sages to “consume their brains, take their knowledge, and make their flesh into puppets.” He also makes passing mention of “deep knowledge of the moon,” which Conlon relays in part to Iadoes. Conlon tells the mind flayer that he has ten seconds to continue making himself useful or he will kill the mind flayer, and the illithid tells him he will take the party to the mind flayer base. Conlon demands to know the location, but the mind flayer says this will cost him his leverage, and he will lead them there, rather than tell them the location.

Conlon takes the shears from Iadoes and is just about to sever its face-tentacles (“you don’t have to speak to lead”) when Zil’dejin emerges from the throne room and sees what is happening. He stops Conlon from cutting off part of the mind flayer’s face and instead goes with them to deliver the creature to the infirmary (under Coref’s supervision) to treat the mortal wound so he can lead them where they want to go.

At the same time, Marlamin emerges from the Eclipse Keep on the Eros side, and finds the skeleton. Its jaw unhinges and begins spouting a voice that sounds almost prerecorded, telling Marlamin that he is being called back to the Crimson Monastery in Adur for an important mission for Malevanor, high priest of the Blood of Vol. The task, while important, can wait… but not for long. He is told that he can bring his party as well. Marlamin notes this, and the skeleton falls apart into a pile of bones, its task done. He then returns to the keep.

Zarantyr 17, 1001 YK

While researching in the Eclipse Keep’s library, Iadoes learns of a possible way to treat Levistus’ curse: a place in Q’barra called the “Hall of a Thousand Mirrors,” an unusual House Jorasco enclave specializing in treating demonic curses, possessions, and madness.

Zarantyr 18, 1001 YK

The party takes a few days of rest, during which a meeting of the Eran Royal Council is held. Tandi is given a new position in the council: “Master of Ceremonies,” responsible for planning holidays. Iadoes’ position as magister is altered to control kingdom promotion, and he sets about designing a banner. A bardic college is built in Grey Titan’s Hold, as is a tower for Iadoes. Derli’s crusader army, the Hammer of Dol Dorn, is also given improved weapons. Tandi lays out thirteen holidays with names, causes and appropriate rationale, apparently taking his role quite seriously.

When the Council business is concluded, the party discusses their next move and agrees to first investigate the rumours of Zil’dejin’s brother in Q’barra. They board the airship and lift off, bound for the city of Newthrone.



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