The Hands that Move the World

Before It All Begins

Heroes don’t just come from nowhere. Every single one has an origin story, and heroic deeds have to start somewhere. A pub. A hometown. Something small that unravels into something huge.

Take Tam’elanath Edroin, for instance. A simple bowyer from an isolated Valenar warclan who set up in Lakeside. With his strange employees, Zil’dejin Firebane – an alcoholic ex-mercenary – and Morgue – an idealistic thief – they set out on a simple quest for a few coins that would lead to so much more.

Tam’elanath Edroin, a wild elf from the Zultena, a forest-dwelling warclan of elves in the southeastern peninsula of Valenar, failed his rite of passage into adulthood. He was shamed, and left the tribe in 994 YK, right in the midst of the dying days of the Last War. He departed for the battlefields of Cyre to seek his fortune as a mercenary, but when he arrived, he found the nation already torn asunder by the Mourning. So he traveled north, eventually arriving at the town of Lakeside in Karrnath. Now sick of travelling, he settled here and used his hunting experience to make a humble living selling hand-crafted bows. Due to his lack of any kind of formal education and his minimal world experience, his intelligence was not regarded very highly by the townspeople, but they were generally warm and accepting of him.

In spring of 998 YK, when going to retrieve some materials from his woodshed, he found an armored dragonborn passed out within, apparently recovering from a night of drinking at the Lucky Gnome Taphouse. After a while, the dragonborn Zil’dejin Firebane, awoke hungover and probably still a little bit intoxicated, and so reacted harshly to Tam’elanath’s early-morning prying, with a lot of yelling and some sluggish thrashing. After some hurried negotiation, accompanied by hand gestures and diagrams, the situation was resolved, and Zil’dejin explained he has come to town looking for work. Tam’elanath hires him as a rope binder and string fitter for his bows, though due to his lack of dragonborn-sized accommodations, Zil’dejin is forced to sleep out in the shed.

The next day, a tiefling passed through town, his identity covered by a black hood and cloak. The tiefling, who identified himself only as Morgue, heard about the commotion that had taken place at Tam’elanath’s shop the day before between the town’s resident and a belligerent dragonborn, a species which is not at all common in Lakeside. He investigated, and discovered what he believed was an entirely different situation: he suspected Tam’elanath had enslaved Zil’dejin, and was keeping him locked in the shed. Morgue, appalled, demanded justice from Tam’elanath, and challenged him to a duel. When the situation had been resolved, and all misconceptions cleared, Morgue was deeply apologetic for his unjust attack against the two, and swore an oath of debt, a kind of protection pact, where he would accompany them until such time as he believed his misgiving repaid.

From there on, the three lived in the already-cramped space of Tam’elanath’s hovel and shop combination in the quiet town of Lakeside. But people like these are tied inextricably to fate, and cannot lay low for long…



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