The Hands that Move the World

Ascension V: Mythic Warrior

Dravago 22, 1001 YK

Two days after restoring the Chronocracy, while the ancient city-state remains in a sort of “time bubble,” the Eclipse Collective has returned home to Grey Titan’s Hold, where a strange creature covered in blades, Last Echo, has come seeking Girrrth. Last Echo is a priest and representative of the titan Komios, whom Last Echo’s people worship as a god. Komios believes himself to be the strongest living thing in the universe, and has extended a challenge to Girrrth to prove this. Komios has extended many challenges like this in the past. He is permitted to bring help with him.

Girrrth, naturally, accepts, and goes to buy some expensive exotic oils in preparation to oil himself for what he believes will be a wrestling match.

Dravago 23, 1001 YK

The party goes back to Last Echo, who reveals that the challenge will be a gauntlet, run through the flying metal fortress Komios dwells in. He ensures that they are ready, and then sends them to the fortress, which is located in the plane of Shavarath.

They are put up in the sky above the fortress, and must fight a number of sentient blade swarms and servants of Komios as they fall. They then must breach the iron fortress, and once inside, have to pass through a darkened chamber filled with hundreds of angry bladelings. Girrrth passes this portion of the gauntlet without much difficulty, greasing himself up in his exotic oils and sliding all the way through the chamber. The others have a bit more trouble and filter through over time, with Derli taking the longest for just wading through while swinging his weapon.

The Collective confronts Komios. The titan’s intent is to fight Girrrth one-on-one while the other members of the party deal with various servants. They attempt to stall for time to allow all members of the party to be present when the fighting starts, but Komios gets impatient and attacks anyway. Girrrth puts up an impressive struggle but loses his left leg and is knocked unconscious by the titan. Kaleth is also knocked unconscious, and Rilic soon follows. Once everybody is unconscious, Derli finally arrives. He considers trying to heal the fallen in some way, but instead gives in to Komios’ taunting and attacks the titan.

Derli is knocked unconscious, and by force of will he compels his unconscious mind into another meeting with the dwarf in the strange tavern. He trades his weapon, the Blade of Dol Dorn, to bring Girrrth back to health. Girrrth climbs up and jumps onto the titan, nearly killing Komios with his axe. As the others begin to rally, Komios surrenders, acknowledging Girrrth to be the strongest in the universe and allowing the earth genasi to Ascend.

Afterwards, Komios strikes an alliance with Girrrth. Girrrth has him seek out Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani, and learns that Lucan is still living somewhere. To seal their alliance, Komios sends Last Echo back to Eros with the party to act as his representative.

Main Characters: Derli d’Kundarak, Rilic Balendal, Girrrth Thicktrunk, Kaleth



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