The Hands that Move the World

After It All Ends

The unleashing of the Staff of Three Dragons’ power marked the end of the Eclipse Collective, as its many members went on to fulfill their destinies.

  • Zil’dejin Firebane sacrificed himself to assemble the Staff, also clearing the Mournland with his power and leaving a legacy to last for ages.
  • Derli d’Kundarak died in battle against Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War, but came back to fight as an Avatar of Dol Dorn until his mortal form was burned away, allowing him to ascend to godhood and take the mantle of Dol Dorn himself. His death triggered a release of power that turned his remaining crusaders into nearly-immortal beings charged with the protection of the weak.
  • Conlon Ostrennar used the power of the Staff to turn the tides of his and the Son of Caiphon‘s war against the dragons of Argonnessen in the warlocks’ favour. He then went back to rule over his subjugated people, and continue his conquest of the mainland.
  • Rilic Balendal finished the final volume of his autobiography before vanishing overnight, taking on a new name, a new appearance, and starting a new legend for himself after realizing he had reached the pinnacle of fame.
  • Kaleth used the power of the Staff of Three Dragons to assemble all of his timelines into a singular point, transforming himself into something resembling a lesser god (similar in power to Mellifleur). He then took over the Temporal Prime, balanced by the opposing force of the Prime Jester.
  • Indicus, after reaching the peak of his power, became a Grim Reaper himself, taking a place of command above the others and calling himself the “Prime Reaper.”
  • Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani was recalled by Charon, in order to begin combating a great threat to her power: Indicus, the Prime Reaper.

While they may not have achieved as much fame or power, the other surviving members of the Eclipse Collective were equally as important to its success. They met their destinies in other ways.

  • Elyas reincarnated after his death at the hands of Lythanis Zyk, and was found by the scholar-monks of Moon’s Gate, whom he continued to lead into uncovering the secrets of the world.
  • Eshunu was taken to Sarlona by the mysterious force known as the “Dreaming Dark,” where he was placed under the control of the forces that created his body and made an unwilling slave once again.
  • Captain Paddy Grimm usurped Prince Rygar for the position of High Prince of the Lhazaar Principalities.
  • Vice Harbringer left the Evening Star Company to pursue his own dark goals, including trying to assassinate Jaela Daran. His first move here failed, and he was imprisoned, but soon after escaped from Flamekeep.
  • Xulgos Adinimys, now transformed into a bizarre but powerful demon, remained on Kapaerian Island, protecting it and his people from outsiders.

Though the Eclipse Collective dissolved on Barrakas 18, 1002 YK, their contributions and impact will not be forgotten for a very long time to come. Theirs were the Hands that Moved the World, more so than any before them, and perhaps more than any that will ever come after.



Wow, that was deep.

After It All Ends

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